Archive / Papers / Spear Papers: Box 29


Bequeathed by Dr (Thomas George) Percival Spear. Lecturer, St Stephen’s College, Delhi 1924-40; various posts in Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, Government of India 1940-45; Bursar, Selwyn College, Cambridge 1945-70; Lecturer in History, Cambridge University 1963-69.

The contents of this box were previously listed as Box 30.

  1. File containing Spear’s application for the post of Reader in Indian History at SOAS, 1963, including his CV to date.
  2. Modern Asian Studies, vol.1, part 1, January 1967 which includes his article ‘Nehru’.
  3. Modern Asian Studies, vol.3, part 4, October 1969 which includes his article ‘Mahatma Gandhi’.
  4. Article ‘Who were the Chihilgani, the Forty Slaves of Sultan Shams Al-Din Iltutmish of Delhi’ by Gavin Hambly.
  5. Article ‘A Note on Sultaniyeh/Sultanabad in the Early 19th Century’ by Gavin Hambly.
  6. Reprint of ‘Britain’s Transfer of Power in India: Review Article’ by Spear.
  7. Two copies of reprint ‘Independence, Nationalism and Religion in South Asia’ by Spear.
  8. Three copies of reprint ‘Bentinck and the Taj’ by Spear.
  9. Reprint of ‘Nehru’ by Spear.
  10. Reprint of ‘Mahatma Gandhi’ by Spear.
  11. No. 38 of Oxford Pamphlets on Indian Affairs – ‘National Harmony’ by Spear.
  12. 17 copies of ‘An Offprint from Elites in South Asia’ edited by Edmund Leach and S.N. Mukherjee, 1970.
  13. 7 editions of ‘The Quarterly Review of Historical Studies’ Calcutta
    • Volume III, (1963-64) Nos. 1 & 2, 3, 4.
    • Volume IV, (1964-65) Nos. 1 & 2, 3, 4.
    • Volume VIII, (1968-69) No. 4.
  14. Two copies of pamphlet printed in Marathi.
  15. Two reprints of ‘The Early Days of Bishop’s College, Calcutta’ by Spear.
  16. Typed article, 38pp. by Spear, ‘Patterns of British Leadership in British India, Theme with Variations’.
  17. Reprint of ‘Turkistan, History of,’ by Gavin Hambly, from the fifteenth editon of Encyclopaedia Britannica, 1974.
  18. Part 73 of ‘History of the English-Speaking Peoples, by Sir Winston Churchill – India, Birth of the Raj’ including article ‘End of the Moguls’ by Spear.