Archive / Papers / Robinson Papers: Box 4


Economic Papers 1926-1980 concerning India, Pakistan and Bangladesh.

Given by Professor Sir Austin Robinson, Professor of Economics, University of Cambridge 1950-65.

  1. U.N. Asian Institute for Economic Development and Planning. Role of foreign private investment in economic development in Asia. Bangkok, 1971.
  2. Atlantic Institute. Educational aid to developing countries (draft report). Boulogne, 1963.
  3. Commerce Research Bureau. Basic statistics relating to the Indian economy. Bombay, 1973.
  4. U.S. Agency for International Development. National power survey of the Republic of Vietnam. 1972.
  5. Tauber, H. and Edison, D. The energy crisis and research and development. 1972.
  6. Robinson, R. Industrialisation in developing countries. Cambridge, 1965.