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Economic Papers 1926-1980 concerning India, Pakistan and Bangladesh.

Given by Professor Sir Austin Robinson, Professor of Economics, University of Cambridge 1950-65.

  1. Educational Planning in Bangladesh by A.F.A. Husain. Bergen, August 1973 at the Chr. Michelsen Institute.
  2. Research Paper. Profitability and Industrial Concentration in Pakistan by Rashid Amjad. Cambridge. Paper No. 1. February 1976.
  3. Agricultural employment and under-employment in Bangladesh: the Next Decade, by Edward J. Clay and M.D. Sekandar Khan. Bangladesh, October 1977.
  4. U.N. Bangladesh Relief Work 1971. Protection of Foodgrain requirements for the year ending December 1972. Miscellaneous papers. Fifteenth F.A.O. Regional Conference for Asia and the Pacific – New Delhi, March 1980. Agriculture toward 2000: regional implications with special reference to the third development decade.
  5. One hundred years in Delhi – the brotherhood of the Ascended Christ 1877-1977. Delhi 1977.
  6. The Renouncer. A play in one act by M. Anantanarayanan.
  7. Indian tourist railway timetable. April 1963.
  8. India through the eyes of European artists. Catalogue of exhibition held at the India International Centre. New Delhi, n.d.
  9. A desk diary for 1981 with illustrations in the Basohli style.