Archive / Papers / Robinson Papers: Box 3


Economic Papers 1926-1980 concerning India, Pakistan and Bangladesh.

Given by Professor Sir Austin Robinson, Professor of Economics, University of Cambridge 1950-65.

  1. Three files of miscellaneous notes on energy consumption in India, etc. 1960s and 1970s:
    • The ASEAN market for rubber tyres and tubes. Geneva, 1971.
    • Khan, T.M. Final report: income elasticity of food under progressing stages of agricultural development. 1965.
    • Pant, P. Some quantitative aspects of the development of the Indian economy 1967-68, 1973-74 and 1978-79.
  2. Pakistan Institute of Development Economics. Research Report Series, 92 and 93.
  3. Raj, K.N. Investment in livestock in agrarian economies 1969.
  4. Three tourist maps of India. 1959.