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Economic Papers 1926-1980 concerning India, Pakistan and Bangladesh.

Given by Professor Sir Austin Robinson, Professor of Economics, University of Cambridge 1950-65.


  1. Minutes of Evidence taken in London before the Royal Commission on Indian Currency and Finance. 1926.
  2. An Analysis of the Butler Committee’s Report with comments by K.N. Haksar. n.d.
  3. A note on the Economic Case of the Indian States by Sir Frederick Gauntlett. n.d.
  4. A note on the Round Table Conference by Sir Frederick Gauntlett. 1930.
  5. Indian Round Table Conference 1931. Statement by the Prime Minister at the conclusion of its second session 1 December 1931.
  6. Memorandum of the Sind Hindu Sabha against separation of Sind from the Bombay Presidency. n.d.
  7. Pakistan Data Paper No. 1 Pakistan and the Commonwealth by K. Sarwar Hasan. Prepared for the Commonwealth Relations Conference July 1949, New Delhi.
  8. The Geneses of Pakistan. n.d.
  9. Pakistan Data Paper No. 2 The Economy of Pakistan by Mushtaq Ahmad and S.M. Hirda, prepared for the Commonwealth Relations Conference, July 1949, New Delhi.
  10. Paper No. l Aspects of India’s Foreign Relations (for above Conference).
  11. Paper No. 2 India’s Economy (for above Conference).
  12. Paper No. 3 Racial Discrimination (for above Conference).
  13. Wartime Labour Conditions and Reconstruction Planning in India. I.L.O. Montreal 1946.
  14. Architectural and Sculptural Monuments of India. Designed by Madjuri Desai, Bhulabhai Memorial Institute, Bombay. 1954.
  15. The Second Five Year Plan. Basic considerations relating to the Plan frame. 10 April 1955. New Delhi.
  16. A note of dissent on the above. 22 April 1955.
  17. The Colombo Plan. 10th Annual Report of the Consultative Report. Kuala Lumpur 1961.
  18. Estimates of National Income. 1948/49 – 1961/62. January 1963. Department of Statistics, Government of India.
  19. Socio-Economic Objectives of the Fourth Five Year Plan (1970-75). Planning Commission Government of Pakistan, November 1968.
  20. Development of India by Pitambar Pant. August 1963.
  21. F.A.O. Commodity Policy Studies No. 10. Functions of a World Food Reserve scope and Limitations. F.A.O. Rome 1956.
  22. UMBC Economic Review. Volume VIII No. 1 1972.
  23. A framework for Government Research and Development. A Green Paper Memorandum by the Government. London, November 1971.
  24. Environment, Technology and the Seasonal Patterns of Agricultural Employment in Bangladesh by Edward J. Clay. May 1979.
  25. Planning in Poverty – Bangladesh, a test case, by R.H. Khandker. UNDP New York, June 1978.