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Collection of extracts gathered by Laurence Fleming during the process of writing his two-volume work Last children of the Raj. Extracts detail the lives of contributors growing up in British India in the form of short memoirs. This collection includes some not used in the final work.

The number of extracts included in the collection is given in brackets after each description.

Envelope 1

  • MARGARET TAYLOR: Father was in a chemical and dye company, later in British Army. Lived in Bombay [Mumbai], 1930s and 1940s. (1)
  • DAVID MICHAEL THOM: Born Quetta 1938, son of Reginald Wallace Thom MBE, Divisional Mechanical Engineer, North Western Railway and his second wife Kathleen. Half-brother to Barry Bryson. Presentation Convent, Rawalpindi. Karachi Grammar School. Hardeys School, Dorchester. Heles School, Exeter. (2)
  • GRETA THOM: Born Rawalpindi 1930, daughter of Francis Thom, Assistant Mechanical Engineer, North Western Railway, and his wife Audrey Grassby. Auckland House School, Simla. (2)
  • BRYAN THOMAS: Travelled to India in 1940, schooled in Calcutta and Darjeeling. (1)
  • VALERIE THURLEY: Born Bangalore 1934, daughter of S.J. Thurley OBE, Principal of Lawrence College, Ghora Gali, and his wife Doreen McLeish Game. Lawrence College, Ghora Gali. (1)
  • CAROL TITUS: Born Moradabad, 1924. Daughter of missionaries in the American Methodist Episscopal Board of Missions. (1)
  • LAVENDER TODD: Born Quetta 1926, younger daughter of Sir Herbert Todd KCIE ICS, Resident for the Madras States 1943, Resident for the Eastern States 1944 (later Chief Representative, Iraq Petroleum Company, Baghdad) and his wife Nancy, second daughter of Col. A.F. Pullen, Commanding Officer, Royal Artillery, Rangoon (awarded the Kaisar-i-Hind Gold Medal and the Red Crescent for her work in the Second World War). Godolphin School, Salisbury. ‘Sherfield’, Delhi and Simla. (4)
  • JOAN TOFT: Born Eastbourne 1926, eldest daughter of Walter Toft, Senior Partner, Price, Waterhouse, Peat & Company, Calcutta, and his wife Kathleen Kearney. Chartwell, Westgate-on-Sea. St Bridget’s, Bexhill. The New School, Calcutta and Darjeeling. (4)
  • PATRICIA TOFT: Born Cowley, Middlesex 1930, second daughter of Walter Toft, sister of above. The New School, Darjeeling. Nazareth Convent, Ootacamund. Wessex School of Dancing, Bournemouth. International Ballet School, London. (2)
  • SALLY TOFT: Born Cowley, Middlesex 1934, youngest daughter of Walter Toft, sister of above. The New School, Darjeeling. Lowther College, Abergele. (1)
  • MARK TULLY: Born Calcutta 1935, eldest son of William Tully, CBE, Gillanders, Arbuthnot, Calcutta and his wife Patience Betts. The New School, Darjeeling. Marlborough College, Wiltshire. (1)
  • BETSY VICKERS: Born Windsor 1927, daughter of O. Lionel Vickers, Methodist Missionary Society, and his wife Bertha Isabella Aitken. Hebron High School, Coonoor. Edgehill College, Bideford. Hebron again. (4)

Envelope 2

  • NICOLE WALBY: Born Antwerp 1926, elder daughter of Herbert Walby DSO MC Croix-de-Guerre, Manager of Jenson & Nicholson Ltd (paints, varnishes etc) Calcutta, and his wife Marie Magdeleine Ville. The New School, Darjeeling. Slade School of Art, London. Ecole des Beaux Arts, Paris. (3)
  • ARTHUR WHITELOCK: No personal information available. Accout of a train journey across South India, 1933. (1)
  • THEON WILKINSON MBE: Born Cawnpore 1924, son of Harold Arthur Wilkinson CBE, Managing Director of Begg, Sutherland & Company Ltd (Agents for Cotton, Electricity, Sugar etc) and his wife Ruby Georgina Butterworth. Radley College, Abingdon. St Paul’s School, Darjeeling. (2)
  • FRANCES WINDRAM: Born Holywood Co. Down 1929, Daughter of Major William Windram, Royal Inniskillings, and his wife Jessie Hadland. Hebron School, Coonoor. Wellesley School, Naini Tal. Hallet War School, Naini Tal. (2)
  • SHEILA WRIGHT-NEVILLE: Born London 1927, elder daughter of Colonel V.R. Wright-Neville, 5th/2nd Punjab Regiment, and his wife, Gwenneth Northe. The Old Vicarage School, Richmond, Surrey. The New School, Calcutta and Darjeeling. Secretarial College, London. (8)