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Collection of extracts gathered by Laurence Fleming during the process of writing his two-volume work Last children of the Raj. Extracts detail the lives of contributors growing up in British India in the form of short memoirs. This collection includes some not used in the final work.

The number of extracts included in the collection is given in brackets after each description.

1 Published work:  The story of my trek out of Burma – 1942, Michael Porter (Burmah Oil Society, 1997).

List of Laurence Fleming’s contributors:

Envelope 1

  • TIMOTHY O’BRIEN: Born Shillong 1929 elder son of Captain Brain Palliser Tighe O’Brien, 2nd Battalion 8th Gurkha Rifles, and his wife Elinor Laura Mackenzie. Wellington College Berkshire. Corpus Christi, Cambridge. (1)
  • SHIRLEY ODLING: Born Kalimpong 1926, third daughter of Norman Odling, Architect, and his wife Bunty Graham, daughter of Dr Graham of the Homes. Educated at the Homes, Battle Abbey, Sussex and Sherborne School for Girls, Dorset.
  • IAN O’LEARY: Born Oxford 1927, son of Michael George O’Leary MBE Lieut. Colonel 8/2 Punjab Regiment, and his wife Daphne Sylvia Osmaston. Hallett War School, Naini Tal. Royal Indian Military College, Dehra Dun. (3)
  • TONY ORCHARD: Born Mombasa, Kenya 1926, elder son of G.L. Orchard, Burmah-Shell Oil Company, and his wife Dorothy Watkins. The New School, Calcutta and Darjeeling. Hilton College, Natal, South Africa. University of London. (4)
  • GILLIAN OWERS: Born London 1927, only child of Bernard Charles Owers, Sinclair, Murray of Calcutta, and his wife Millicent Ellacott Pethick. The New School, Calcutta and Darjeeling. School of Art, Calcutta. Ruskin School of Drawing and Fine Art, Oxford. (2)
  • DESMOND PAILTHORPE: Born at Sea 1922. (2)
  • BETTY PAKENHAM-WALSH: Born Rangoon 1926, daughter of Wilfrid Pakenham- Walsh, ICS and his wife Gwen Elliott. Uplands, Heathfield, Sussex. Tormead, Guildford, Surrey. Mrs Ancrum’s Class in Lahore and Gulmarg. (2)
  • JOHN PAKENHAM-WALSH CB QC: Born Rangoon 1928, younger brother of above. Bradfield College, Berkshire. University College, Oxford. (1)
  • BLAKE PINNELL: Born St Leonard’s-on-Sea 1925, elder son of L.G. Pinnell CIE ICS District Commissioner for Chittagong, and his wife Margaret Coxwell. Hurst Court School, Ore, Sussex. The New School, Calcutta and Darjeeling. University of Capetown, South Africa. Balliol College, Oxford. (1)
  • MARTIN PINNELL: Born Darjeeling 1928, younger brother of above. The New School, Calcutta and Darjeeling. Balliol College, Oxford. (2)
  • RICHARD PLOWDEN: No information available. (1)
  • SHIRLEY POCOCK: Born Cawnpore 1925, younger daughter of Major S.R. Pocock CBE MC, The Leinster Regiment, The Machine Gun Corps and The Welch Regiment and his wife Florence Albin. Hallet War School, Naini Tal. Sophia College, Bombay. (3)
  • MARION PORTER: No information available. (1)
  • DENNIS POWELL: Born Toungoo 1931, son of Valentine Murray Powell, Chief Operating Superintendent, Burma Railways, and his wife Kathleen Kendall. Bishop Cotton’s School, Simla. Felsted School, Essex. (3)
  • ANNE PROWSE: Born Ootacamund 1935, elder daughter of Dr Arthur Skardon (Keith) Prowse, Medical Director, The Assam Oil Company, and his wife Joan Willoughby Grant. The New School, Darjeeling. St Hilda’s, Ootacamund. Effingham Hall School, Bexhill. (1)

Envelope 2

  • DONALD RAMSAY-BROWN: Born 1917, Hyderabad. Father was vicar of St. George’s Church, Hyderabad. (1)
  • PATRICIA RAYNES: Born Rangoon 1932, elder daughter of Charles Raynes, MC King’s Police Medal, Deputy Inspector General, Burma Police, and his wife Doreen Heenan. Hallett War School, Naini Tal. (2)
  • ALEC REDWOOD: Born Bangalore 1921. Mother and father were both missionaries. Attended Clarence School, Hyderabad (built by his father, 1922), 1926-28; Hebron School, Coonor and Breeks Memorial School, Ootacamund. (1)
  • PETER ROBB: Born Ceylon 1927 son of James Alexander Robb, General Manager of ESSO, Ceylon and Bengal, and his wife Dorothy Louisa Bicknell. The New School, Calcutta and Darjeeling. King William College, Isle of Man. (3)
  • RONALD RULE: Born Singapore 1918, son of Malcolm Rule, Operator and Accountant with the Eastern Extension Telegraph Company in Batavia, Singapore and Penang, and his wife Margaret Fitzpatrick. Bishop Cotton’s School, Bangalore. Breeks Memorial School, Ootacamund. Deal School, Kent. (3)
  • HENRY SCHOLBERG: Born Darjeeling 1921. Parents were both misionaries in Central Provinces. Woodstock School. (1)
  • GORDON SHULL:  Born Bulsar, Bombay, 1925, son of Chalmer and Mary Shull, missionaries of the Church of the Brethren. Woodstock School. (1)
  • THELMA SMART: Born Jhansi 1929, daughter of Major J.W. Smart, Royal Army Ordinance Corps, and his wife Leah Mary Carvalho. Convent of Jesus and Mary, Murree. St Mary’s Convent, Naini Tal. (1)
  • PADDY SMITH: Born Calcutta 1931, son of Francis Arthur Smith MBE CEng FIMechE. Chief Mechanical Engineer, Bengal and Assam Railway, and his wife Lilian Evelyn. Loreto Convent, Darjeeling. St Paul’s School, Darjeeling. Campbell College, Northern Ireland. (1)
  • HELENE SPINKS: Born Peshawar, 1930. Lived in Kashmir and Baluchistan. (1)
  • HAZEL SQUIRE: Born Lahore 1928, eldest daughter of Sir Giles Squire, Indian Political Service and future Ambassador to Afghanistan, and his wife Irene Arnold, teacher at a Muslim Girls’ School in Hyderabad. Headington School, Oxford. Royal College of Music. (3)
  • KRISTIN SQUIRE: Born Mount Abu 1930, second daughter of Sir Giles Squire, younger sister of above. Auckland House School, Simla. Badminton School, Bristol. King’s College of Household and Social Science, London. (2)
  • STAR STAUNTON: Born Assam Jungle, 1922, only child of Major Staunton and his first wife. Convent in Belgium. (16)
  • PATRICK HUGH STEVENAGE: Born Bangalore 1922, younger son of Emanuel Anthony Stevenage, Captain, Senior Assistant Surgeon, Indian Medical Department, and his wife Helena Augusta Rylands. Loyola College, Madras. (2)
  • BEULAH STIDSTON: Born Lahore 1933, only child of Dr Dudley Stidston, North Western Railway and Major Indian Army, and his wife Elizabeth Violet Brown-James. St Mary’s School, Poona. (4)
  • RUTH SUTHERLAND: Born Taxila, Punjab, 1927. Daughter fof William Sutherland, Missionary, United Presbyterian Church of North America, and his wife Bertha. St. Denys, Murree; Woodstock,  Landour, Mussoorie. (2)