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Collection of extracts gathered by Laurence Fleming during the process of writing his two-volume work Last children of the Raj. Extracts detail the lives of contributors growing up in British India in the form of short memoirs. This collection includes some not used in the final work.

The number of extracts included in the collection is given in brackets after each description.

List of contributors:

Envelope 1

  • LAVENDER JAMIESON: Born Edinburgh 1914, younger daughter of Henry William Jamieson, Chief Auditor, Great Indian Peninsular Railway, and his wife Lorna Grieve. School Matron. (1)
  • BARBARA ANN JARDINE: Born Peshawar NWFP 1925, eldest daughter of Lionel Jardine ICS, serving in Lucknow, Peshawar, Dik, Kashmir, Central Provinces and Baroda, and his wife Marjorie. Sherfield School, Simla. Sophia College, Bombay. (3)
  • JOSE MARGARET JOHNSON: Born Rawalpindi, 1922. Dairy of wartime in Burma and India (after 1942). (2)
  • JOHN JUDGE: Born Sydney 1928, eldest son of ‘Mick’ Judge CIE MD of Govan Bros Ltd., Delhi & Rampur UP. Sheikh Bagh School, Srinagar. Aitchison College, Lahore. Bradfield College, Berkshire. (2)
  • DESMOND KELLY MD FRCP FRCPsych: Born Loilem, Shan States 1934. Son of Lt. Col. Norman Kelly OBE, Burma Frontier Service and his wife Betty Megarry. Hallett War School, Naini Tal. King’s School, Canterbury. (2)
  • MAEVE KELLY: Born Loilem, Shan States, 1933, sister of above. Hallett War School, Naini Tal. Felixstowe College, Suffolk. (1)
  • NETTIE LAMONT: Born Glasgow 1926, eldest daughter of Donald Lamont MBE, Shipping Engineer with Simons & Co. Clydeside, and his wife Jane Beattie Wilson. Hebron High School, Coonoor. (3)
  • JOHN LANGLEY: Born Calcutta 1931 only child of Horace Vernon Langley, Eastern Bengal and Assam Bengal Railways, and his wife Mary Audrey Clark. The New School, Calcutta and Darjeeling. Convent, Haflong. Gresham’s School, Holt, Norfolk. Royal Naval Air Service. Bournemouth School of Art. School of Architecture, Oxford. (8)
  • ELIZABETH LEIGH: Born Preston 1939, eldest child of Cecil Leigh, Agent, Imperial Bank of India and his wife Eve Ashcroft. Acton Reynold School, Shropshire. (2)
  • JEREMY LEMMON: Born Calcutta 1935, third child of Richard Dennis Lemmon, Merchant, and his wife Dorothy Constance Harris. Hilltop School, Kalimpong. Northaw, Kent. Harrow School, Middlesex. Christ Church, Oxford. (1)
  • NANCY LLOYD: Born 1918, youngest daughter of Sir Idwal Lloyd ICS and his wife. Teaching Diploma ARCM. (4)

Envelope 2

  • DONALD MACKENZIE: Born 1929, Carron Tea Estate. Short descriptive piece of his young life, written by his widow, Mrs Betty Mackenzie. (1)
  • JONQUIL MALLINSON: Born Jubbulpore 1930, elder daughter of Lt. Col. Ernest (Simon) Mallinson, 17th Dogra Regiment, Indian Army, and his wife Flora (Pat) Carson. St Joan’s School, Srinagar. Rosemead, Littlehampton. (1)
  • ORIOLE MALLINSON: Born Srinagar, 1932, younger sister of above and niece of Miss Muriel Mallinson MBE CMS, Principal Sheikh Bagh School for Girls, Srinagar. St Joan’s School, Srinagar. Hereford House, Ilfracombe. Limura Girls School, Nairobi. (1)
  • ROBIN MALLINSON: Born Srinagar (on a houseboat) 1928, elder brother of above and nephew of Sir Charles Carson KCIE OBE ICS, Finance Minister in Gwalior. Breeks Memorial School, Ootacamund. Fettes College, Edinburgh. University College, Oxford. (1)
  • ANN MARINDIN: Born London 1934, elder daughter of F.J. Marindin, Burmah-Shell, and his wife Marcia Gordon Firebrace. St Hilda’s, Ootacamund. (2)
  • ROBERT MATTHEWS: Born Delhi 1931, second son of Arnold Monteath Matthews, Professor of English at Forman Christian College, Lahore and his wife Alys Belletti. Lawrence College, Ghora Gali. (4)
  • STEPHANIE MEREDITH: No information available. (1)
  • MOLLY MILNE: Born Rangoon 1927, eldest child of Eric Ivan Milne, Traffic Manager, Burma Railways, and his wife Doris Ransford. Pinewood, Crowborough, Sussex. BBA School, Rangoon. Hallett War School, Naini Tal. Eastbourne School of Domestic Science. (3)
  • ANN MITCHELL: Born Saharanpur U.P. 1928, daughter of Harold Mitchell CIE, Indian Police, Deputy Inspector General, Allahabad, and his wife Edna Evadne Bion. Woodstock School, Landour. (2)
  • MICHAEL MULLER: Born Murree 1930, son of Colonel Hugo Muller, Indian Army, and his wife Veronica Buck. Sheikh Bagh Preparatory School, Srinagar. Wellington College, Berkshire. Jesus College, Cambridge. (4)
  • MALCOLM MURPHY: Born Madras 1920, son of Joe Murphy, Senior Chargeman, Madras and Southern Mahratta Railway, and Company Sergeant Major Auxiliary Force (India), and his wife Louise Magee. St Mary’s European High School, Madras. (1)