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Collection of extracts gathered by Laurence Fleming during the process of writing his two-volume work Last children of the Raj. Extracts detail the lives of contributors growing up in British India in the form of short memoirs. This collection includes some not used in the final work.

The number of extracts included in the collection is given in brackets after each description.

List of contributors:

Envelope 1

  • ERNEST YOUNG CAMPBELL: Born Sialkot 1917, second son of James Garfield Campbell, and his wife Mabel Young, Missionaries under United Presbyterian Church. Woodstock School, Mussoorie. Wooster College, Ohio. (2)
  • DONALD CATTO: Born Quetta 1921, son of Major Herbert Catto, Royal Indian Army Service Corps, and his wife. Infants Boarding School, Murree. Bishop Cotton’s Day School, Bangalore. Lawrence Schools at Lovedale and Ghora Gali. (4)
  • BILL CHARLES: Born Poona 1928, son of James Meadows Charles, Sergeant in British Army, 1914–18, later Planter, fruit and dairy Farmer, and his wife, Ethel Gladys Smith. Breeks Memorial School, Ootacamund. (6)
  • MARGARET COOPER: Born 1931. No further information available. Text gives memories of Quetta earthquake, 1935. (1)
  • YOMA CROSFIELD: Born Broadstairs 1936, only child of Leonard Crosfield, Burmah and Assam Oil Companies, and his wife Margaret Daniell, Chair of Training, Girl Guides, All-India. The New School, Darjeeling. Effingham House, Sussex. Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford. (7)

Envelope 2

  • HENRY DALLON: No information available. (2)
  • GWENDOLYN DAUBNEY: No information available. (1)
  • ISABEL DAVIDSON: Born Glasgow 1936, only child of John Davidson, Drilling Engineer with Burmah and Assam Oil Companies, and his wife Agnes Calder. Ida Villa, Darjeeling. Laurel Bank School, Glasgow. Glasgow and West of Scotland College of Domestic Science. (3)
  • ROY DE VANDRE: No information available. (1)
  • GEORGE DUNBAR: Born India 1915. Lived King’s Norton, Birmingham. (1)

Envelope 3

  • SHEILA FERGUSON: Born Darjeeling 1926, daughter of Lt. Col. Robert Ferguson, Northern Bengal Mounted Rifles, Tea Planter in Dooars 1909–1944, and his wife. Battle Abbey, Sussex. The New School, Darjeeling. (4)
  • DAN FERRIS: Born Calcutta 1940, son of Edward Ferris, East India Railway Company, and his wife Iris, Commissioner for Training in Bengal, Bharat Scouts and Guides. St Paul’s School, Darjeeling. Highgate School, London. Trinity College, Cambridge. (1)
  • DENISE FINK: No information available. (1)
  • LAURENCE FLEMING: Born Shillong 1929, brother of above. The New School, Calcutta and Darjeeling. Repton School, Derbyshire. National Service RAF. St Catharine’s College, Cambridge. (8)
  • FAY FOUCAR: Born Moulmein, Burma 1923, daughter of E.C.V Foucar, Barrister- at-law, author of several books on Burma and of the official history of the First Burma Campaign in 1942. Father and two brothers started a timber business in Burma in the 1880s. Private school in Rottingdean. Roedean. (2)
  • ADRIAN FRITH: Born Wellington, Coonoor 1928, son of Lt. Col. John Frith, Indian Army, The Baluch Regiment, and his wife Erica Bovey. Winchester College, Hampshire. (1)
  • PATRICK GIBSON: Born Walton-on-Thames 1928, son of Edward Leslie Gibson, The Bombay Burmah Trading Co., and his wife Charlotte Noreen Fuller-Good. Uplands School, Heathfield, Sussex. Highlands School, Kaban Djahe, Sumatra. Hallett War School, Naini Tal. Highgate School, London. (1)
  • ELSPET GRAY: Born Inverness 1929, daughter of James MacGregor-Gray, Lloyds Bank, and his wife Elspet Eleanor Morrison. Actress. (2)
  • JANE GRICE: Born Calcutta 1935, daughter of William Henry Grice, Managing Director ICI (India) Ltd. Commanding Officer Calcutta Light Horse. and his wife Doris May Walsh. The New School, Darjeeling. St Felix School, Southwold. (2)
  • JOAN GRIMLEY: Born London 1930, elder daughter of Lt. Col. Harry Bridgeman Grimley MBE (Military) Royal Indian Army Service Corps and his wife Margaret Elsie Grimley, Pianist. Loreto Convent, Simla. (1)
  • AURIOL GURNER: Born Calcutta 1927, third daughter of Sir Walter Gurner CSI ICS and his wife Phyllis Mills Carver. Southall, Surrey. Westonbirt, Gloucestershire. The New School, Calcutta and Darjeeling. Garnell College of Education, Roehampton. Lecturer, Further Education Open University (BA Hons). (2)
  • LYNETTE GURNER: Born London 1925 elder sister of above. St Monica’s Surrey. Westonbirt, Gloucestershire. The New School, Calcutta and Darjeeling. Garnell College of Education, Roehampton. (4)

Envelope 4

  • EVELYN ROSE HADLEY: Born Edinburgh 1934, second daughter of Owen Hadley, Chief Accountant Burmah Oil Company, and his wife Effie Richardson. (1)
  • RUBY HADLEY: Born Rangoon 1921, eldest daughter of Owen Hadley, sister of above. (1)
  • VAL HARRISON: Daughter of two teachers at Lawrence College, Murree. (1)
  • BRIAN PETER HASKINS: Born Lewisham 1933, only child of John Begley Haskins, Chief Engineer Oudh & Tirhout and Bengal Nagpur Railways, and his wife Joan Mary Lilley, a professional nurse. Woodstock School, Landour. Portora, Northern Ireland. Loughborough College. (1)
  • CLARE HAYNES: Born Cork 1921, third daughter of Major Edward John Haynes, IEME (Indian Electrical and Mechanical Engineers) Indian Army, and his wife Marjorie Denning. Convent of Jesus and Mary, Murree. (1)
  • ANN HENRY: Born Bushey Heath 1925, eldest child of Brigadier T.R. Henry CBE, 8th Punjab Regiment and his wife Dora Dalton. Uplands School, St Leonard’s-on- Sea. Presentation Convent, Srinagar. Hallett War School, Naini Tal. (1)
  • ROBIN HERBERT CBE: Born London 1934, son of Sir John Herbert GCIE Governor of Bengal, and his wife Lady Mary Fox-Strangways. Singamari, Darjeeling. Eton College, Berkshire. (1)
  • CARL HIGGINSON: Born Andal, Bengal 1935, third son of Charles Higginson, Mail Driver on East India and Northern Railways, and his wife Dorothy McCready. Railway Schools at Asansol, Bengal, and Dhanbad, Bihar. St Patrick’s High School, Asansol. (3)
  • DICK HINDMARSH: Born Lyme Regis, 1931, son of Lt. Col. J.H.L. Hindmarsh and his wife Phyllis Palmer, National Service in Royal Artillery. University of London. (1)
  • FRANK HIPPMAN: Born Aldershot 1923, son of Sergeant W. Hippman MM Royal Fusiliers and his wife Chrissie Leedham. Lawrence School, Mount Abu. (1)
  • GLORIA HOLLINS: Born Jubbulpore 1927, daughter of Albert G. Hollins The Great Indian Peninsular Railway and his wife, Agnes Kenny (born Rangoon 1894). Hebron High School, Coonoor. Lawrence School, Lovedale. (2)
  • PAMELA HOPKINS: Born Jubbulpore 1932, daughter of Alan Hopkins, Indian Forestry Service and his wife. St Hilda’s, Ootacamund. (1)
  • DONALD FERGUSON HOWIE: Born Meerut 1918, younger son of Staff Sergeant Charles Thomas Howie, the Bedfordshire Regiment, later Regimental Instructor to the Auxiliary Forces, India for the North Western Railway, and his wife Ethel Muriel. Lawrence Royal Military School, Sanawar, Simla Hills. Chelmsford Training College for European Teachers, Ghora Gali, Murree. (2)
  • ELIZABETH IRELAND: Born Scone, Perthshire 1914, only child of John Ireland, Manager, Confectionery Department, East India Distilleries and Sugar Factories. Nellikuppam, Madras, and his wife Bell McGibbon McCormick. Prep School at Coonoor. St Hilda’s, Ootacamund. Adcote School, Shrewsbury. (2)