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Collection of extracts gathered by Laurence Fleming during the process of writing his two-volume work Last children of the Raj. Extracts detail the lives of contributors growing up in British India in the form of short memoirs. This collection includes some not used in the final work.

The number of extracts included in the collection is given in brackets after each description.

List of contributors:

Envelope 1

  • PAMELA ALBERT: Born London 1927, only child of Lt. Col. Edward Francis Albert, 7th Rajput Regiment, and his wife Lydian Gladys Ross Perri. Hallett War School, Naini Tal. (13)
  • MARION ALEXANDER: Born Kerkeria, Assam 1929, only child of Gordon and Margaret Alexander, Corramore Tea Estate. The New School, Calcutta and Darjeeling. Whincroft Girls’ School, Crowborough, Sussex. (3)
  • ANGELA ALLEN: Born Mussoorie 1918, younger daughter of Guy Oldfield Allen, ICS, and his wife Barbara Egerton. Corran School, Watford. Kinnaird Park School, Watford. Saint Anne’s College, Oxford. (1)
  • DOROTHY ALLEN: Born Mirzapur UP 1911, elder sister of above. Studied piano at Howard-Jones School of Music, London. (1)
  • ROBERT ALTER: Born Srinagar, Kashmir 1926, Son of Reverend D. Emmet Alter, and his wife Martha Payne Alter, Missionaries under United Presbyterian Church. Woodstock School, Mussoorie, both as pupil and as Principal, 1968–78. (1)
  • CRYSTAL AYNSLEY: No information available. (5)

Envelope 2

  • DOROTHY MARGARET BAKER: Born Ootacamund 1928, elder daughter of Frederick Charles Baker, Customs and Excise, Madras, and his second wife Phyllis May Holton. Bishop Cotton’s Girls’ High School, Bangalore. London School of Economics BSc (Econ). (3)
  • JESSICA MAY BAKER: Born Madras 1930, younger sister of above, Bishop Cotton’s Girls’ High School, Bangalore. BA (Open University) 1975. (2)
  • ROBERT BAKER: Born Kodaikanal 1913, brother of above. King’s School, Canterbury. (4)
  • LYNETTE BALLARD: No information available. (3)
  • PATRICIA BANHAM: Born Poona 1923, sister of above. St Mary’s High School, Poona. Barnes High School, Deolali. (3)
  • PATRICK BANHAM: No information available. (1)
  • PHILIP BANHAM: Born Poona 1922, son of William John Banham, Indian Police, and his wife Winifred Roberta Waller. Cathedral School, Bombay. Chelmsford College, Ghora Gali. (8)
  • CAMPBELL BANNERMAN: No information available. (1)
  • ELISE BARNETT: No information available. (1)
  • JOAN BARTON: No information available. (3)
  • SUSAN BEEVOR: No information available. (1)
  • N. BELL: No information available. (1)

Envelope 3

  • JAMES BENTHALL: Born Calcutta 1933, younger twin son of Sir Paul Benthall KBE, The Bird/Heilgers Group, Calcutta, and his wife Mary Lucy. The New School, Darjeeling. Eton College, Berkshire. Magdalene College, Cambridge. (5)
  • HENRY BERRIFF: Born Simla 1927, elder son of Arthur Berriff, of Alan Henry & Co. The Mall, Simla, later Stores Manager at the Gun Carriage Factory in Jubbulpore and the Railway Repair Shops, and his second wife Elfriede Davison. Christ Church School, Jubbulpore. Bishop Cotton’s School, Simla. (2)
  • JENNIFER BETTEN: Born Darjeeling 1934, third daughter of Malcolm Betten, tea planter with Williamson and Magor, and his wife Eva. Singamari School, Darjeeling. (3)
  • RICHARD BINGLE: No information available. (1)
  • JANE BIRKMYRE: Born Calcutta 1929, daughter of Sir Henry Birkmyre, Bart., Chairman and Managing Director, Birkmyre Brothers, Calcutta, Member Bengal Legislative Assembly 1935–44, and his wife, Doris Gertrude Austen Smith (daughter of Colonel Austen Smith, CIE), Assistant Red Cross Commissioner for Military Hospital Welfare, India and Burma, Kaisar-I-Hind Silver Medal. St David’s School, Englefield Green. The New School, Calcutta. Singamari, Darjeeling. Evendine Court Domestic Science College, Malvern. (1)
  • JOHN BLANDY: Professor, CBE, MA, DM, MCh, FRCS, FACS, Hon. FRCSI, born Calcutta 1927, son of Sir Nicolas Blandy, KCIE, CSI, ICS, Governor-elect of Assam, and his wife Dorothy Kathleen Marshall. The New School, Darjeeling. Clifton College, Bristol. Balliol College, Oxford. (4)
  • FRANK BLEWITT: No information available. (1)
  • NANETTE BOYCE: Born Mussoorie 1928, eldest daughter of Brigadier Thomas Walker Boyce, OBE, MC, MM, 14th Punjabi Regiment, and his wife Heather Baxter. The New School, Darjeeling. (4)
  • LORNA BRADBURY: Born Nagpur 1924, daughter of Herbert Edgar Bradbury (born Bellary 1886), Superintendent, Post & Telegraphs, and his wife Daisy Beryl Harvey Johnson. Bishop Cotton School, Nagpur. St Mary’s Training College, Poona. School- teacher at Baldwin Girls’ School, Bangalore. (2)
  • JOAN BRAGG: Born Rawalpindi 1927, elder daughter of Lt. Col. H.V. Bragg, 3rd/9th Jat Regiment, and his wife Bessie Pinkerton. Sheikh Bagh School, Srinagar. Presentation Convent, Srinagar. (2)
  • HEIDI BRAUN: Born Vienna 1936, daughter of Rudolph M. Braun, Engineer, and his wife Elise (Lisl) Herbratschek, Concert Pianist. The New School, Darjeeling. Barnard College and Columbia University, New York. (2)
  • PETER BROADBENT: Born Bournemouth 1933, son of Col. R.B. Broadbent, Bombay Pioneers and Rajputana Rifles, and his wife Jean Thorburn. The New School, Darjeeling and 8 others. Royal Naval College, Dartmouth. (2)
  • H.C.G. BROWN CBE DSC: Born Rangoon 1918, son of H.C.G. Brown, Deputy Conservator of Port of Rangoon, and his wife Matilda Mann. Hammond’s School, Swaffham, Norfolk. Choral Scholar, King’s College, Cambridge. (3)
  • JOY BROWNLOW: No information available. (1)
  • MICHAEL BRUCE: Born Laheraserai, Dharbanga District, North Bihar 1927, son of Harold Easton Bruce, MC Deputy Inspector General, Indian Police, and his wife Aileen Fitzgerald. Oratory School, Woodcote. Hallett War School, Naini Tal. Exeter College, Oxford. (2)
  • BARRY BRYSON: Born Weymouth 1929, younger son of Andrew Bryson and his wife Kathleen. Stepson of Reginald Wallace Thom MBE, Divisional Mechanical Engineer North Western Railway, Quetta, Baluchistan. Bishop Cotton’s School, Simla. (2)
  • CAROLINE BURDER: Born Calcutta 1933, younger daughter of Sir John and Lady Burder, Jardine Skinner & Co. PNEU course at Dr Graham’s Homes, Kalimpong. (3)
  • SUSAN BURDER: Born Calcutta 1931, elder daughter of Lt. Col. Sir John Burder, Member of Council of State 1943, President Bengal and Associated Chambers of Commerce, India 1943, President Imperial Bank of India 1947, and his wife Betty Bailey. The New School, Calcutta and Darjeeling. PNEU course at Dr Graham’s Homes, Kalimpong. (2)
  • ANN BURKINSHAW: Born Calcutta 1928, only child of Dick Burkinshaw, Jessop & Co., and his wife Kathleen Grimley. The New School, Calcutta and Darjeeling. St Anne’s College, Oxford. (7)