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Donated by Dr J.S. Davis

Papers of Dr Rajnarayan (Raj) S. Chandavarkar, Trinity College, Cambridge. Faculty of History, Cambridge and Director of the Centre of South Asian Studies, 2001-2006. Papers relating to teaching in Cambridge and to research on mills, labour activism and police in Bombay [Mumbai], 1920s and 1930s.

  • British Engineers’ Apprenticeship in Irrigation Technology, The Restoration of Old Canals in North India, 1810-1840s, February 13th, 1935.
  • Exports of Opium from India to China.
  • Estimated city sizes in UP region.
  • Ahmedabad Cotton Mills report, 31st Aug 1922.
  • Managing Committee of the Indian Merchants Chamber and Bureau 1918-1940.
  • Report on the Enquiry into wages, hours of work and conditions of employment in the retail trade of some towns of the Bombay Presidency, Labour Office Government of Bombay.
  • Report on and Enquiry into working class family budgets in Bombay City.
  • Report to ‘Mahatmaji’
  • A letter to ‘Reverend Mahatmaji Gandhi’
  • A letter to Bala Saheb, 10/4/1939.
  • Letter to Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru.
  • In a peaceful village this happens if you fill the war fund.
  • Dadar district, Personnel of the taluka congress samities.
  • Bombay secret abstract, C of P special branch file 3036/H/I-23-28 of 1935.
  • Newspaper clipping ‘Bombay Congress Committee, appointment of sub-committee’, C of P special branch file 3036/H/I-23-28 of 1935.