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Donated by Dr J.S. Davis

Papers of Dr Rajnarayan (Raj) S. Chandavarkar, Trinity College, Cambridge. Faculty of History, Cambridge and Director of the Centre of South Asian Studies, 2001-2006. Papers relating to teaching in Cambridge and to research on mills, labour activism and police in Bombay [Mumbai], 1920s and 1930s.

Papers relating to mill strikes, police files about riots and secret abstracts of intelligence.

Folder 1 – 

  • Staggering of Mill Holidays, RSC’s comments and notes on special branch file on activism at mills in 1946, Special Branch File 6262/L
  • Framroze Jamsetji Ginwalla, Bombay Chronicle 18th Jan 1928, Special Branch File 6050/L
  • Rashtriya Girni Kamgar Sangh, notes from a file of collect reports about the foundation and subsequent meetings of the Bombay based union, Includes union literature in Hindi and Marathi, with translations.
  • Documents on the strikes at Dhanraj Mills, December 13th 1940, Special Branch File 6008/L.
  • Notes on the campaigns and results in local elections in Bombay City, Special Branch File A/292.
  • Notes on secret abstract of intelligence and copies of reports on the Indian Newspaper Company, Special Branch File 240/A.
  • Notes from the Bombay Chronicle and secret abstracts of intelligence, Special Branch File 240/A/1937.
  • Court cases including lists of people held after protests, giving their social status, income, education and life habits, 1930, Special branch File.
  • Bombay Presidency Police, Secret Abstract of Intelligence, No. 12 March 25 1923.
  • Bombay Presidency Police, Secret Abstract of Intelligence, Various abstracts, 1922.
  • Notes about intelligence gained about the extent of Swaraj political funds collected, Special Branch File 213/A/1937.
  • Statement of Abdul Karim Ibrahim 27th October 1943, Special branch File 4102/M/1939.
  • Notes about Bombay regulation and Control of Prices Order, 1939, Special Branch File A/378/1939.

Folder 2 – 

  • General Mill Strike, Bombay 1929, Special Branch File 116/135.
  • Public safety bill as introduced in Legislative Assembly, Special Branch File 543(18) 4th Feb 1929.
  • TS copy of letter complaining of mistreatment of strikers, to the Secretary to Government from the general secretary , Bombay Girni Kamgar Union, Special Branch File 348.
  • Statement showing the number of men working in each mill on 25/5/29. Special Branch File 2878/L.
  • Collection of correspondence detailing and discussing government responses to strikes and labour unrest, Special Branch File 543 (18)-K.
  • Rounding up of bad characters, Special Branch File 543(10) E pt. G
  • Record of a meeting with labour leaders, court of enquiry file exhibits 1/45 file number 23.
  • Documents discussing bringing prosecutions against ‘Communist leaders’, vis. Bradley, Jhabwala, Joglekar, Dange, Nimbkar, Mirajkar and Alve (mostly from the Girni Kamgar Union, Special branch file 543(18) I.
  • Interview with Commissioner of Police and Mr U’ren of the Special Branch, Special Branch File 543(18).
  • Speech of Mr F.J. Ginwala, court of enquiry, exhibits 1/44 file number 23.
  • Housing of the industrial classes, Revenue Department, C Branch, C-1033/1921

Folder 3 – 

  • Notes taken from a special branch file detailing policing and unrest in railway workshops and on lines, Strikes on Railways, Special Branch File 170/A.
  • Report on the transfer of jurisdiction over sections of railways to the Railway Police and the Bombay City Police. Includes documents from 1913 onwards, Special branch file 110/A.
  • Report of a meeting to discussion eviction of strikers; documents about the terms on which strikers returned to work, special branch file 110/A.
  • Notes and copies of police statements and witness statements about riots during a Sikh religious procession, February 1927, the Muslim-Sikh riots at Chakla, Special branch file 297/A/III.
  • Notes and copies of documents relating to a riot in Parel District, April 1929, Special branch file 318/AVI.

Folder 4 – 

  • Notes and copies of documents relating to riots and disturbances at Chota Qabristan, 1 August 1939, and in other areas on subsequent days. Reports to Govt, police files, mps etc.
  • Daily letters to Government re. kidnapping scene in Bombay and the subsequent riots of February 1929. With RSC’s notes and a hand-written index.

Folder 5 – 

  • Secret Abstracts of Intelligence, 1934-1937.