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Donated by Dr J.S. Davis

Papers of Dr Rajnarayan (Raj) S. Chandavarkar, Trinity College, Cambridge. Faculty of History, Cambridge and Director of the Centre of South Asian Studies, 2001-2006. Papers relating to teaching in Cambridge and to research on mills, labour activism and police in Bombay [Mumbai], 1920s and 1930s.

Papers and reports about the workers and daily life of mills, from the 1930s and 1940s.

Folder 1 – 

  • Problems of textile industry in India, a trade union view.
  • ‘The Bombay cotton mill worker’ R.G. Gokhale
  • Workers’ Welfare league of India, Annual Report for year ending Dec 1928.
  • Workers’ welfare league of India, 1290/B/1935.

Folder 2 – 

  • Report of the Sholapur Handloom Weavers Enquiry Committee, Bombay 1948, From Political and services dept, File 918/46 Part II.
  • Report of the Fact-Finding Committee (Handloom and mills) Delhi 1942, Government of India, BMA.
  • R. Deshpande, (G.O.I) Report of the Enquiry into the Family Budgets of Industrial Workers in Sholapur City (Delhi, 1948).
  • Government of Bombay, Report on the Enquiry into Family Budgets of Cotton Mill Workers in Sholapur City, I.S.BO 147/11. Labour Office

Folder 3 – 

  • Judical/Police 1904 June A35-53.