Archive / Papers / Barlow Family: Box 52


Papers of Thomas Bradwall Barlow

  1. 52/1:Official records, correspondence and papers of companies within the Barlow Group during Thomas B. Barlow’s Chairmanship: Barlow Bros. Ltd, Lagos, Nigeria, 1953-1959. Comprising:
    • letter from Castleton, Elliot & Co., Lagos, concerning payments in connection with Sir John D. Barlow’s recent visit (13 FEB 1953); correspondence between Thomas B. Barlow and E. L. Marsh, director, later chairman, Barlow Bros. Ltd, concerning the business of the firm and its subsidiaries, Nigerian Rubber Co. Ltd, Isiopko Sawmill Ltd and Hayes, Green & Bryden Ltd (11 MAR 1956 – 13 JUN 1959); including secondment of J. B. Dudgeon from the Vallambrossa estate to supervise the Western Region Production Development Board rubber factory; correspondence with the Board concerning agreement with Thomas Barlow & Bro. to sell rubber in London market; report by Dudgeon on his tour of rubber plantations in the Eastern Region (12 MAY 1958); Lagos Chamber of Commerce, Commerce In Nigeria, volume 3, number 1, 1958.