Archive / Papers / Barlow Family: Box 24


Thomas Bradwall Barlow

24/1: Letters from managers 4 June 1957 – 24 December 1958. Comprising:

  • letters from E. Gregory Jones, acting manager, Barlow and Co., Kuala Lumpur (until JUN 1957) and Gordon H. Lang, managing director, Barlow and Co., Kuala Lumpur;
  • concerning liquidation of Barlow and Co. Ltd and formation of Barlow and Co., (Singapore) Ltd and Barlow and Co., (Malaya) Ltd;
  • general estate management including discussions over the future of the Highlands and Lowlands palm oil factory, arrangements for storage and shipping of palm oil at Port Swettenham, acquisition by Highlands and Lowlands of the Gibson-Anderson group of estates, negotiations over the possible sale of various rubber estates including Inchong, Harimau and Kamiri;
  • letters relating to initial attempts at Malaysianisation of staffing on rubber estates, correspondence with H. A. Rapp concerning agency agreement with Gula Kalumpong Rubber Estates Ltd;
  • correspondence between Lang and Ian A. Macdonald, manager, Bradwall estate, including his work as a visiting agent;
  • correspondence between Lang and G. C. McCulloch, manager, Chamek estate;
  • letters between Lang and Messrs Anthony Gibbs and Co., Inc, New York, USA, regarding negotiations to supply rubber to the North American market (JUL 1957);
  • letters from Sim Bock Choon, Barlow and Co. (Singapore) Ltd concerning reorganisation of import department, new agency work including Procter and Gamble, arrival of John K. Barlow to work in Singapore office, poor trading conditions in Singapore and consequent low profits.