Archive / Films / Wilson-Pemberton Collection – Film 9


B&W. 10:45min. Afghanistan. 1932-35. Film made by R.M. Wilson and M. Pemberton. Khyber Pass. Mountain and agricultural scenes. Villages fortified with mud walls. Pack animals. Scenes at the British Legation in Kabul (1926) – Sir Richard Maconachie, Minister to the legation, and Major ‘Tiny’ Farwell, Military Attache. Tennis game. Legation military Force. Driving to Chakar Deh and passing caravans carrying astrakhan and silver. Mud villages. Man fishing with pole, bent pin and mulberry bait. Close up shots of local communities. At Chakar Deh – initiated tossing the punchal. Scenes of landscape in summer. Kabul bazaar. British customers.


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