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B&W. 11:07min. Bombay (Mumbai), India. 2 February 1934. Film made by R.M. Wilson and M. Pemberton. Inspection of the Royal Indian Marine by Lord Brabourne, Governor of Bombay. Vice-Admiral Sir Humphrey Walwyn introducing H.E. Lord Brabourne to Heads of Departments. H.E. embarks in ‘Diamond’ en route for HMIS ‘Clive’ to witness ‘General Drill’. Lord Brabourne boards ‘Clive’ introductins and inspection. Scenes of loading gun and firing; close-up of wading; signaling; ‘out collision mat’ fire stations; lowering lifeboats. H.M.I.S ‘Hindustan’ and ‘Cornwallis’ seen from ‘Clive’. Scenes of Sir Humphrey Walwyn and Lord Brabourne in ‘Diamond’. H.E. at the Depot ship, H.M.I.S. ‘Dalhousie’, the training ship for boys. ‘R.I.M signal school’. Scenes of boys learning morse. Party walk to Gunnery School. Practice loading. ‘Having visited the R.I.M. Officers’ Mess, H.E. leaves for Government House’. (film with captions)


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