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B&W. 9:43min. Patiala, India. February 1933. Film made by R.M. Wilson and M. Pemberton. Marriage of the Maharaj Kumar of Patiala. (first film). Camp built for weeding guests on old polo ground. Indoor scene of drawing room. Medium shot of Indian prince. Central police station. State band and infantry. Servants carrying ‘dalis’ (trays with sweets and fruits). Purdah bus carrying Indian princes and maharanis. Scene of Birendra Singh in full dress with medals. Rajput warriors. European guests and Indian nobles. Scenes of architectural details of Kumbhalgarh Fort (Mewar). Close shots of throne room – gold chairs and tables. Indian princes. Lunch party with Col. Gordon in charge of Patiala’s army. Scenes of Maharaj Yadavindra Singh wearing flat-cut diamons and of Maharaja Bhupinder Singh. Procession of ayahs, governesses (some European) and Indian children. Decorated dholi carrying the bride – Maharani Hem Prabha Devi of Saraikela. Maharaja Bhupinder Singh driven away in a car.


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