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B&W. 11:14min. Mogok, Mandalay, Burma (Myanmar). 1931-35. Film made by R.M. Wilson and M. Pemberton. Mogok: scenes of the ruby mine town surrounded by mountains. Bungalow and garden. Scenes of town with small pagodas. Scenes of ruby mining techniques and equipment. Sir Humphrey and lady Walwyn at the sorting table. Portraits of inspector of mines and mine owner. Cutting lapislazuli and other precious stones; a selection of cut stones from the District. Seller of tea. Magok market showing different hill people, mostly women. A band of gongs. Hill people. Portrait of a Burmese woman wearing a ‘tamein’. Pagodas at Magwe. Reclining Buddha. Wilson and Pemberton going for a swim. Maung Tin Tut – hosting a show of Burmese dances.


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