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B&W. 11:09min. Nicobar Islands.; Kandy, Ceylon (Sri Lanka). (date unknown). Film made by R.M. Wilson and M. Pemberton. Moulmein. The District Commissioner paying formal call on the Admiral in morning dress. Street scenes. Teak logs coming down river on rafts. Teak mill – various sawing methods. Working elephants moving teak. Sawing and trimming techniques. Elephants bathing. Mergin Archipelago. Mergin on the Tensserim River. View of harbour and small pagodas. Buddhist priests. Street scenes. Wilson and Pemberton in rickshaw. Burmese dancer in traditional costume. Scenes of Nicobar Islands introduced by a detailed intertitle. Nancowry. Outrigger canoe. (possibly) Ranee Islon of Nancowry meeting Lady Walwyn on board ship. Colombo: Flagship of East India Squadron, Royal Indian Navy ‘Hawkins’ in harbour. Botanical gardens Peradeniya. Portrait of superintended Peters. Temple of the Tooth, Kandy. Karwar: R.I. N ships. Journey up Kalvinadi river for crocodile hunting. Bombay harbour.


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