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  • Stokes, A. Papers: Box 1
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    Given by Lady (Alice) Stokes Principally Sir Henry, his son Sir Hopetoun and Lady Alice (née Lawrence). Madras, U.P., Rajputana. 1873-1973 (a-h) Christmas cards of Indian scenes and sketches. Letters […]
  • Rawding Papers: Box 2
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    Nineteenth and twentieth century text-books written for public instruction. Principles of Geometry. Benares 1879 Upyogiurdashmala – in Hindi Fifth Hindi Book, by Rama Sanka Misra, M.A., C. S. offg. Magistrate […]
  • Hunt, R.C.C. Papers
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    Small Collections Box 14 Given by R.C.C. Hunt Madras 1939-1947. Innocents in India. A memoir of life in the ICS (Madras.) 1939-1947. Ch. 1 Preliminary background to joining ICS in […]
  • Interview: Mrs M. Sykes – Part 1
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  • Interview: Mrs M. Sykes – Part 2
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  • Buchanan Collection – Film 1
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    B&W. 6:27min. Nilgiri Hills, Malabar District (Kerala), India. c. 1930. Film made by Sir Charles Buchanan. Buffalos being driven by a group of Todas. General view of a Toda village […]