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B&W. 6:27min. Nilgiri Hills, Malabar District (Kerala), India. c. 1930. Film made by Sir Charles Buchanan. Buffalos being driven by a group of Todas. General view of a Toda village (mund). Two Toda men use mud to decorate a thatched-roof hut. Long-horn buffalos being milked by a dairyman-priest. A young Toda making an offering of buffalo milk (observing Pooja). Buffalos driven off to graze. General views of a Toda mund: huts, groups of men in traditional dress. A Toda woman greets and old man by placing each of his feet on her forehead – The Toda salute. A group of Toda men sing and dance in circle formation. Toda man demonstrating weight lifting. Two Toda men wrestling. (film with captions)


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