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Nineteenth and twentieth century text-books written for public instruction.

  • Principles of Geometry. Benares 1879
  • Upyogiurdashmala
  • – in Hindi
  • Fifth Hindi Book, by Rama Sanka Misra, M.A., C. S. offg. Magistrate and Collector, Basti (for the III Class of Village Schools, N.W.P.). Rev. Ser. 5th ed. Benares 1897.
  • First Edition. A schoolboy’s companion with explanation of the game and rules of cricket etc. 1884.
  • Parsing made easy. A collection of useful grammatical notes and specimens of parsing: for the use of junior and senior class students, by Har Nath Sahai. New ed.. Lucknow, Methodist publishing house 1887.
  • Sanskrit reader Vol. IV. Bombay 1887.
  • A companion to Hill’s Second Geography, by Ram Nath Bhargave, B.A., Allahabad, 5th ed. rev. 1898.
  • Notes on Tales from Shakespeare, by a Professor of English, Allahabad, Educational Book Depot, 1910.
  • A companion to The Cloister and the Hearth, with a summary of each Chapter and typical questions and answers by Ram Nath Bhargave, B.A., Allahabad 1912.
  • Gujarati Infants’ Primer, prepared by the vernacular text books revision committee. Dept. Public Instruction, Bombay. Macmillan 1913.
  • Full notes on Ruskin’s Crown of Wild Olive, Part I, by Prof. J.L. Bannerjee. Karachi. (?1926).
  • Half-hour lectures on drawing and painting, by Henry Warren. Windsor & Newton Ltd. n.d.
  • Copybook of Arabic exercises of 1880s-90s.