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Material collected in India by Major F.W. Rawding, 1973, for the Archive with a grant from the Smuts Memorial Trust Fund.

  • MS entitled, ‘A brief account of a visit to Sikkim, July 1972’. A description of a visit to Prince Tenzing Namgyal in Sikkim by Major F.W. Rawding
  • MS. A diary of a journey in India, and some passages in Nepal by F.W. Rawding, March 1974. (Journey 2 November, 1973 – 15 January 1974). 212pp.
  • TS article: Anglo-Indians of South India’, by R.A. Stracey, I.C.S. Retrd. 8pp.
  • Annual Report of the Friend-in-Need Society, Madras, for 1970. (Home for elderly and destitute Anglo-Indians).
  • Service sheet from St. Stephen’s Church, Ootacamund for the Carol Service, Thursday, 20 December 1973.
  • Advertisement: Factory site for Sale. Lakhnauti Fort known as Qila Lakhnauti. (This is an advertisement of a fort which contains a bungalow inside etc. the property of Colonel A.N.W. Powell, near Delhi and Jalalabad). Photograph attached. The fort has been in Colonel Powell’s family since 1790. Major Rawding stayed there for some days. Also attached are Colonel Powell’s marching orders for the journey from Mussoorie to Lakhnauti.
  • Xerox copies of letters said to be from Queen Victoria (though not signed), Buckingham Palace writing paper:
    • A note from Queen Victoria asking that General Grey should tell Sir Colin Campbell, that when he has his photograph taken for her, she wishes him to wear the uniform he wore at Alma and Balaclava, November 23, 1855.
    • Letter from the Queen, January 19, 1858 to Sir Colin Campbell congratulating him on his victories over the Mutineers, especially at Lucknow, and expressing her pride in all the troops, particularly the 93rd.
  • Rough draft of Sir Colin Campbell’s answer to the Queen.
  • Rules and bye-laws of the Nilgiri Library, 1983.
  • ‘Background paper on the subject of religious toleration in Nepal on the occasion of the visit to Kathmandu in January 1986 of the Christian Response International delegation’.
  • TS paper: ‘Thirty-five years of Jesuit education in Nepal, 1951-1986’, by F.W. Rawding
  • TS paper: ‘Twenty years of Jesuit research in Nepal, 1966-1986’, by F.W. Rawding
  • TS paper: ‘Jesuit social work in Nepal, 1970-1986’, by F.W. Rawding
  • Rawding, F.W., Cambridge introduction to the history of mankind. Topic book: Gandhi, Cambridge, 1980
  • St Xavier’s, Godavari, 1951-1986. 35th anniversary souvenir.

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