Archive / Papers / Rawding Papers: Box 4


Given by Major Rawding

  1. Three guide books to Sikkim, published in Gangtok:
    1. Sikkim: a concise chronicle. n.d. but after 1963
    2. Sikkim: facts and figures, 1963.
    3. Sikkim Coronation (Coronation of Chogyal Palden Thondup Namgyal) 1965.
  2. Bulletin of Tibetology, Vol. VIII, No. 2, 1971. Gangtok. Guide Book to Sarnath.
  3. Guide books and pamphlets for India general; Delhi, Udaipur, The Madurai Temple, Jaipur, The Fort at Jhansi, Panaji, Goa, South India Hill Resorts, Himalayan Holiday. Map of Bombay and postcards.
  4. Illustrated Weekly of India, for December 23, 1973 and December 30, 1973 with features on Holy Ganges and Christian Saints of India.