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  • Hyde, E.S. Papers: Box 8
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    File A: India Office Library Letters etc. relating to the India Office project which resulted in collecting papers on district administration during 1930-47 and the eventual publication of the book. […]
  • Hyde, E.S. Papers: Box 7
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    File A: 8 letters from Verrier Elwin mainly from Bastar, 1938-43 covering subjects: Mrs. Milward the Sculptress visiting Bastar; possibility of being Census Officer; religious attitude, and to being called […]
  • Hyde, E.S. Papers: Box 4
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    A report on the Subah or Province of Chhattisgarh written in. A.D.1820 by Major P. vans Agnew. 1922. Notes suggested from a perusal of Sir John Malcolm’s Revenue Report on […]
  • Hyde, E.S. Papers: Box 1
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    Report of proceedings, Committee of State Ministers. Bombay, 12-14 April 1939. (Secret) Full report of the Sessions Trial, Bastar State v. Mahadeo Sadan and Chaitan, 1938. ‘Reports on the following […]
  • Glasfurd Papers
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    C.L.R. Glasfurd Lent by A.L. Glasfurd on indefinite loan MS diaries: 1860-61, Nagpur; 1861-62, 1862-63, 1868 Upper Godavery District. TS account by A. L. Glasfurd of the diaries with précis […]
  • Hyde Collection – Film 1
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    B&W. 25:36min. Bastar States (Chhattisgarh), India. 1937-1940. Film made by E. S. Hyde. Chitrakot falls on the Indravati. Muria dance with horns; Parja dance; Muria dance with bison head costume. […]