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  • India, Pakistan, Bangladesh Shipping Conference Papers
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    Given by K. Moore, Esq. An account of the Indian Shipping Conference (later the India, Pakistan, Bangladesh Shipping Conference) between 1875 and 1975. Includes maps, illustrations, facsimiles of two standard […]
  • Anonymous Collection 4
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    World Bank (South Asia Programs Department), Washington. Bangladesh: current economic situation and review of the Second Plan. Vol. III: Annexes. 1981. Bangladesh: recent economic developments and medium term prospects. Vol. […]
  • Crosfield Collection – Film 1
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    B&W. 10:06min. Chittagong Hill Tracts, Bengal, India (Bangladesh); Akyab (Sittwe), Burma (Myanmar); Kent, England. 1933-6. Film made by Leonard Mellor Crosfield. Mrs Crosfield with daughter, Kent, England, 24 July 1936. […]