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Collection of reports and official documents relating to flood alleviation and planning in Bangladesh, 1990s.

Donated by Mr Alan Bird.

  • Adnan, S. (Research and Advisory Services, Dhaka), Living without floods: lessons from the drought of 1992, Institutional Aspects of Flood Protection Programmes in Bangladesh, report No. 7, August 1993.
  • Water. A USAID update on water resource activities of interest to Asia and the Near East, Winter 1993, Issue 3.
  • Hughes, R., Adnan, S. and Dalal-Clayton, B., Floodplains or flood plans? A review of approaches to water management in Bangladesh.
  • Water and development in Bangladesh: a retrospective on the Flood Action plan.
  • Monitor: a journal by research and advisory services, Vol. 1, No. 2, August 1995.
  • People’s Republic of Bangladesh, Ministry of Irrigation, Water development and Flood Control, Flood Plan Coordination Organisation. Jamalpur priority project study FAP 3.1. Final feasibility report, Annex 3: Environmental impact assessment, January 1993.
  • Government of Bangladesh Ministry of Water Resources. National conference on participatory water management, background information, Dhaka, 18 December 1997.