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Collection of reports and official documents relating to flood alleviation and planning in Bangladesh, 1990s.

Donated by Mr Alan Bird.

  • Ministry of Environment and Forests. National Environmental Management Action Plan, March 1993.
  • A flood policy for Bangladesh, May 1989.
  • Bangladesh Water Development Board. BWDB systems rehabilitation project:towards participatory management of flood control drainage and irrigation systems. The potential role of NGOs in supporting BWDB’s Systems Rehabilitation Project in enhancing people’s participation. Technical note 2, June 1996
  • Bangladesh Water Development Board. BWDB systems rehabilitation project: workshop for project directors, consultants and NGOs for the revision of the guidelines for people’s participation in water development projects, April 1997.
  • Bangladesh Water Development Board. BWDB systems rehabilitation project: institutionalising local participation. A proposal for guidelines for participatory water management, Technical report No. 57, April 1998.
  • IUCN, Marine protected areas needs in the South Asian was region. Volume 1: Bangladesh. A marine conservation and development report, n.d.
  • Pagiola, S., Environmental and natural resource degradation in intensive agriculture in Bangladesh, The World Bank Environment Department Papers, Paper No. 13, May 1995
  • Asian Development Bank, Bangladesh environmental profile, September 1997.
  • Bangladesh environment strategy review, November 14, 1991. World Bank report no. 9551-8D.
  • The World Bank, Workshop discussion draft, ‘A review of key environmental issues in Bangladesh’, May 1997.
  • Bangladesh Action Plan for Flood Control, Guidelines for project assessment, annex 1: agricultural impact assessment, March 1994.