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M. Stephens. Deputy Director, Bureau of Public Information, Govt. of India 1930-32; Director, 1932-37; Assistant Editor, Statesman of Calcutta 1937; Editor 1942-51; Fellow, King’s College, Cambridge 1952-58; Historian, Pakistan Government 1957-60.

The India, Pakistan and Burma Association’s reports:-

  • Pakistan. 1968 (complete plus Budget Review, June ’68);
  • Pakistan. 1969 (November and December missing; plus Budget Review, July ’69; list of Ministers and senior officials of the Government of Pakistan; effect of taxation for 1969-70).
  • E.I.U. Quarterly Economic Review, Pakistan and Afghanistan, No.4, ’68.
  • Address read at the annual dinner of the I.C.S. Association on 30th October, 1979. 3pp.
  • Correspondence between Professor L.F. Rushbrook Williams and Ian Stephens between March 1977 and 1 September 1978, and also with Mrs. Rushbrook Williams until 22 November (includes cutting of the Times obituary for L.F. Rushbrook Williams). 91 pp.
  • TS memoir, illustrated, A Great-Aunt Gives Thanks: memories by Sister Theodora C.S.D. Dorothy de Laval Willis, 1891 – 1977. The memoir of an Anglican missionary (from the women’s order of the community of St. Denys) who worked in India and Africa. 102pp.