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I.M. Stephens. Deputy Director, Bureau of Public Information, Govt. of India 1930-32; Director, 1932-37; Assistant Editor, Statesman of Calcutta 1937; Editor 1942-51; Fellow, King’s College, Cambridge 1952-58; Historian, Pakistan Government 1957-60.

  1. “Constitutional Issues in Contemporary Islam”: Rosenthal lecture, Middle East Centre, Cambridge, May 1962
  2. Book Review – “The Conquest of Famine”, W.R.Aykroyd
  3. Paper on West Pakistan – Stephens, for C.S.A.S. seminar, 1972
  4. Letter from Phillips Talbot to W.S.Rogers (eye witness account of celebrations in Karachi, Delhi, Bombay, after Independence)
  5. “Reflections on Disaster” part of draft of book by Stephens on the “catastrophic” events of 1970-72
  6. Lecture by Stephens “Islam and the West”, 1957
  7. “Four Years of Independence – an Indo-Pakistan Retrospect”, lecture by Stephens, 1952
  8. Notes for lecture by Stephens, 1964, on tensions between India and Pakistan since 1947.
  9. Paper “Political Evolution of Pakistan”, by T.G.P.Spears, 1962(?)
  10. Article “SWAT – A Principality Created by Its Rulers” by Stephens for The Times Supplement on Pakistan prior to the Queen’s visit
  11. Article “Hunza-Nagar” by Stephens for The Times Pakistan Supplement
  12. Article “Problems of Defence” by Stephens for The Times Pakistan Supplement
  13. Book review by Stephens of “Ceylon: A Divided Nation” by B.H.Farmer, 1963
  14. Book review by Stephens of “The Last Years of British India” by M.Edwards, 1963
  15. Book review by Stephens of “Britain and Muslim India” by K.K.Aziz, 1963
  16. Book review by Stephens of “The Pathan Borderland” by J.W.Spain, 1963
  17. Book review by Stephens of “Britain and India: Requiem for Empire” by M. and T.Zinkin
  18. Leaflet “George Yule and Co. 1863-1920: Yule, Catto and Co. Ltd. 1920-1963”
  19. “Notes on Lord Halifax” by Stephens, 1962
  20. Book review for The Listener by Stephens of “Divide and Quit” by Penderel Moon, 1962
  21. Book review for International Affairs by Stephens of “Religion and Politics in Pakistan” by L.Binder, 1961
  22. Talk by Prof. L.F.Rushbrook Williams “The Significance of The Indus Waters Treaty”, 1961
  23. HMSO Leaflet “The Indus Basin Development Fund Agreement”, 1960
  24. HMSO Leaflet “Indus Basin Development Fund Act, 1960”
  25. Leaflet by The Uday Shankar India Culture Centre, “Uday Shankar – The Man and His Work”
  26. Leaflet publ. by Govt. of India Press, “Congress Responsibility For The Disturbances, 1942-43”
  27. Reprint from The Middle East Journal 1966, “Party Politics in the Second Republic of Pakistan” by Saleem M.M.Qureshi
  28. Reprint from Pacific Affairs 1966, “Pakhtunistan: The Frontier Dispute Between Afghanistan and Pakistan” by S.M.M.Qureshi
  29. Leaflet publ. by The Sikh Missionary Society U.K., “Glimpses of Sikhism”
  30. Reprint from The Practitioner 1975, “Longevity Among Writers Who Lived In India” by Stephens (two copies, (a) and (b))
  31. Paper by Joyce J.M.Pettigrew “The Growth Of Sikh Community Consciousness, 1947-66”
  32. Booklet “The Way Out – A plea for constructive thought on the present political situation in India” by C.Rajagopalachari” 1943
  33. Two book reviews by Stephens for International Affairs 1973, “Conflict, Crisis and War in Pakistan” by Kalim Siddiqui, and “India, Russia, China and Bangla Desh” by J.A.Naik (the Bengal catastrophe of 1971)
  34. Booklet “Theoria To Theory” 1967, esp. p.127-137. Dialogue between Ian Stephens and Ray Panikkar, Professor of Philosophy, University of Benares – “Is Jesus Christ Unique?”
  35. Letter, p.10 of “The Fleur-de-lys”, (magazine of Kings College School, Cambridge), to the School magazine from Stephens, 1967
  36. The Pakistan Society Bulletin, 1969, esp. p.41, abbreviation of a lecture by Stephens for the CSAS, “The 1947 Partition”
  37. Stephens’ notes for introduction to a seminar on the Partition of India “A Newspaper Editor’s View”
  38. Stephens’ note on a conversation, about experiences of E.Lyttleton and V.Forbes in Kashmir in 1964
  39. Paper by Stephens “Some Happy Pakistani Remembrances”
  40. Royal Central Asian Journal 1955, containing Shephens’ paper “On the Indo-Pakistani Border”
  41. Offprint of “On the Indo-Pakistani Border” as above
  42. Theology – A Monthly Review 1958 esp. p.85, book review by Stephens of “The Balance of Truth” by Katib Chelebi
  43. Paper by Stephens, 1952, “Four Years of Independence – An Indo-Pakistani Retrospect”
  44. Collection of book reviews by Stephens and associated correspondence
    • “Danger in Kashmir” by J.Korbel
    • “The Memoirs of Aga Khan” (2 copies)
    • “Ambassador’s Report” by C.Bowles
    • “The Sikhs” by K.Singh
    • “The Founding of the Kashmir State” by K.M.Pannikkar
    • “Round about India” by J.Seymour
    • “This is Kashmir” by P.Gervis
    • “India and the Awakening East” by Eleanor Roosevelt
  45. Text of lecture “Pakistan”, by Stephens, dealing with the circumstances of the 1947 Partition prepared for CSAS in Feb. 1969