Archive / Papers / Spear Papers: Box 6


Papers of Dr T.G.P. (Percy) Spear:

  1. Folder, marked “Clive”, containing press cuttings, correspondence with publisher, etc. concerning Spear’s book Master of Bengal: Clive and his India. Circa 1974-5.
  2. Folder containing copy of Spear’s W.G. Archer Memorial Lecture, entitled Imperial Decline: the British and Mughal Cases, May 1982, and associated correspondence.
  3. Folder containing other versions of the above Archer Memorial Lecture, plus associated correspondence
  4. Folder containing two papers by Stephen P. Blake – The Cities of Delhi and Cityscape of an Imperial Capital: Shahjahanabad in 1739.
  5. Folder containing two copies of a paper Stern Daughter of the Voice of God: Ideas of Duty Among the British in India by T.G.P. Spear, 1976.
  6. Folder containing two papers by Kenneth W. Jones Religious Identity and the Indian Census and Anxiety and Identity: The Creation of Hindu Consciousness and his C.V.