Archive / Papers / Lorimer Papers: Box 6


  1. Xeroxed copies of Dutch ships ledger. Stores taken on board ship sailing to Far East from Holland 1695, 1706, 1708, 1712, 1736. 13 ff.
  2. Correspondence – largely letters to and from family members, occasional business correspondence.
  3. Envelope containing:
    1. Photocopy TS of ‘Memoir of James Wyld of Gilston and his family. Also of Robert Stodart’, by Robert Stodart Wyld, 1889.
    2. Career record of Joseph Boardman Clark, giving details of various postings, mostly in Burma (Myanmar), 1925-1951.
    3. Steel Brothers and Company Limited, Memorandum and Articles of Association, London, 1929.
    4. Typescript translation of a letter, dated Cochin 10 Jan 1580, to a Signor Adelgais in Portugal, describing the writer’s voyage from Lisbon to Goa and Cochin where he was engaged in the spice trade, and giving detailed impressions of 16th century India.
    5. The Lorimers: A family of the arts in Fife. Catalogue for an exhibition for the 1983 St Andrews Festival, presented by the Crawford Centre for the Arts. 52pp.
    6. Letter from Augustus Prinsep (?) to W.B. Bayley, Governor General, regarding the treatment of opium. 20 March 1828.