Archive / Papers / Lorimer Papers: Box 2


  1. Sketches, maps and other items to be included in proposed book “East India Saga”. 34 ff.
  2. Form of Prayer and Thanksgiving to commemorate peace in all churches and chapels in the Indian dioceses, 28 July, 1859. 3 ff.
  3. Register of graves in the mission, Tiretta, North and South Cemeteries in Park Street, Calcutta. Printed at the Jobbing Press in 1900. Also various notes by the donor on possible relations, and Plan of the Old and Disused Burial Grounds in South Calcutta.
  4. The Ceylon Gazetteer. Published by Simon Casie Chitty, Modhar 1834. Also newspaper cutting n.d. containing letter on the name Sri Lanka.
  5. Copy of The Nation, Rangoon 23 April, 1959.
  6. Copy of Arms Licence, Form No. XVI, issued by the Government of Burma, 1938.
  7. Record of R.R. Stodart’s Coffee Planting in Ceylon 1862-1948 (with a note by Mr Lorimer dated 1976).
  8. Bengal Atlas. Published by order of the East India Company, by James Rennell, 1781. 55 pp.; 21 maps; frontispiece.
  9. Notices of old merchants and other firms in Burma collected by Mr Lorimer in 1938 from “Recollections and Reflections” by Malcus Agabeg. 41 ff.