Archive / Papers / Lorimer Papers: Box 5


  1. Correspondence relating to applications made by W. Wyld for benefits after retirement from Indian Army covering 1858-1868. ff 1-34.
  2. Marching routes, mileage and descriptions near Lahore, Wuzeerabad, 1850-1852. Report on Lieutenant Wyld. Army commission. ff 35-42.
  3. Telegraphs to Sir John Lawrence and others on troop movements and reports on the military engagements 1858. Notes and correspondence to Wyld in Delhi 1857 from several towns in Punjab. Translation of a letter from several Subhadars in Umballa to others in Delhi giving details of troop movements with a letter of reply. Letters from his brother, Tom Wyld. ff 43-82.
  4. Letters to Mrs Wyld – (probably 1857). ff 83-88.
  5. 1856-1857. Letters from Meerut, Umballa, Cawnpore. Troop movements, personal receipts, several comments on the mutiny. Obituary notice of William Wyld n.d. Other letters of 1867, 1884. Major W. Wyld’s Journal, hand written copy written in letter form to Robert, probably his nephew, recounts his life in India in some detail in Cawnpore in 1836, Kurnaul in 1737 with 4th Light Cavalry, Simla in 1839 for health reasons, with Lord Auckland to Lahore and Runjeet Singh in 1840. ff 89-133.
  6. Two genealogies of Wyld and Lorimer Families. Letter from Lady Layard to Viscountess Duncannon 18 November, 1905. Description of her arrival in Bombay and journey to Abbottabad. ff 134-50.