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Newsletter No.10 May 1953

Newsletter No.11 November 1953

Account by Peter Steyn of the changes which had taken place in Digboi in the ten years since the lst Battalion was there. Also account of the changes in the Abor district in 1950 due to the earthquake: Missionaries and Naga troubles..

Newsletter No. 12 May 1954

Account of Shillong newspaper of the History and achievements of the Assam Regiment at the unveiling of their War Memorial in Shillong. The writer, D. Lloyd Jones, mentions his trek in 1943 with Gyles Mackrell – quotation from The Daily Telegraph, 24 February 1954 about his rescue work for refugees in the Chaukan Pass. (See Mackrell: FILMS).

Newsletter No.13 December 1954

Quotations from Daily Telegraph about trouble among the tribes of the N.E. Frontier of India, and also about the British patterns preserved in the Indian Army. Quotation from The Times about Kohima.

Newsletter No.14 May 1955

Appendix 8:

‘The Rhino and Running Water’ – an account of an amusing war incident by Major Amar Sen of the Assam Regiment.

Newsletter No.15 November 1955

Newsletter No.16 June 1956

Quotations about the Maharaja of Manipur and the Indian National Army Memorial.

Newsletter No.17 November 1956

Appendix 9:

Regimental Newsletter from Assam and letter from P.B. Singh, The Palace, Imphal, Manipur State. (Brother of the Maharajah).

Newsletter No.18 May 1957

Brief account of P. Steyn’s visit to the Battalion in Shillong, and other letters.

Newsletter No.19 December 1957

Newsletter No.20 June 1958

Newsletter No.21 November 1958

Newsletter No.22 June 1959

Description of Regimental Reunion in Assam

Newsletter No.23 November 1959

Obituary notice from The Times of Major-General T. Wynford Rees.

Newsletters No.24 June 1960 to No.33, June 1964

Newsletter No.34 December 1964

Obituary from The Times of Sir Robert Reid.

Newsletters No.35 June 1965 to No.37, June 1966

Newsletter No.38 February 1967

Book Review of Kohima by Arthur Swainson and ensuing correspondence in the Kentish Gazette.

Newsletter No.39 June 1967

Reproduction from the Arny list of the Assam Regiment, Part 2 of October 1945.

Newsletters No.40 March 1968 to No.42, April 1969.

Newsletter No.43 January 1970

Brief extract from Mr. Eric Lambert’s diary of siege of Kohima.

Newsletters No.44 June 1970 to No.46, June 1971.

Newsletter No.47 February 1972

Account of the unveiling of the memorial to the Indian Allied Forces 1946 – 1947 in St. Paul’s Cathedral.

Newsletter No.4 July 1972

Newsletter No.49 February 1973

‘Return to India and the Assam Regiment’, 1972 by D.E. Lloyd Jones. 15pp.

Detailed diary of a month’s tour of India and Assam by Mr and Mrs. Lloyd Jones, visiting friends, and battalions of the Assam Regiment, where they were welcomed very warmly.

Newsletters No.50 July 1973 to No.51, January 1974

Newsletter No.52 June 1974

‘India and Nepal 1973: a sentimental journey’ by Lt. Colonel E.H.M. Parsons.

Detailed diary of Colonel Parsons’ return trip to India, at the invitation of the Commandant of the Assam Regimental Centre in Shillong. 14pp.

Newsletter No.53 February 1975

Newsletter No.54 – June 1975

Mentions the Centre of South Asian Studies’ activities, in particular the films.

Newsletters of the Assam Regiment Reunion Club No.l, 19.

Including ‘Return to India and the Assam Regiment: 1972’ by Colonel D.E. Lloyd Jones, and ‘India and Nepal, 1973: a sentimental journey’, by Lt. Colonel E.H.M. Parsons. TS appendices to Newsletters Nos.

Photograph of memorial plaque to the Assam Regiment in the parish church of St. Andrews, Whittlesey – Dedicated 1950.


David Edward Evans: a Welshman in India, by D.E. Loyd Jones, M.C., B.A, Reprinted from the Transactions of the Honourable Society of Cymmrodorion, Session 1967, Part 1.

Short biography of D.E. Evans 1885. Joined Indian Navy – 1888; Indian General Steam Navigation and Railway Co. of Calcutta; joined Ralli Bros. as consulting engineer: became Superintendent Engineer – 1931.