Archive / Papers / Lloyd-Jones (D.E.) Papers: Box 2



  1. 14 January Airgraph: still in Calcutta.
  2. 19 January At Saugor, at Infantry School.
  3. 26 January Describes living at Saugor.
  4. 21 February Airletter. Has qualified as a small arms instructor. Gives his financial situation. Describes his orderly. More about Saugor.
  5. 15-17 March Personal, but describes the characteristics of Indian soldiers which he admires. Has been in the jungle. Describes life in Calcutta. Encloses letter about Insurance Policy.
  6. 8 April Veiled allusions to being in bad jungle conditions; asks for various Penguin books.
  7. 19 April Has been in Calcutta; implies has been fighting again. In a Battle School as instructor.
  8. 29 April Has been slightly injured in explosion during battle course.
  9. 13 May Recovered, been on endurance test. Has command of new company. Mentions a shortage of Indian food, but has seen no signs.
  10. 27 May On leave in Calcutta; going to Ranikhet.
  11. 2 June Ranikhet on leave. Describes the journey and the place.
  12. 24 June End of leave; journey back to Assam to. command D. Company; attitude towards station vendors. Learning Burmese. Remarks on negotiations with Indian leaders.
  13. 4 July Gives news of daily military life in a camp.
  14. 10 July Hospital with ear infection.
  15. 26 July Copy of two letters to a Mr. Richards from D.E.L.-J. about leave etc. – a synopsis of the letters home, expresses his attitude towards shirkers.
  16. 16 August Describes some of his friends.
  17. 10 September Personal and a little about officers.
  18. 11 September Describes his former work as Education Officer.
  19. 26 September Pathe News has been filming the area. Hopes it will be shown.
  20. 5 October Posted back to jungle: Preparations for Gurkha festival.
  21. 19 October In jungle: describes his orderly, a Lushai, and the way he builds ‘annexe’ to his tent. Encloses newspaper cutting of Gurkha ambush.
  22. 29 October Veiled references to a three day skirmish – slight account of Gurkha dewali.
  23. 6 November Shooting game, and using explosive in the rivers to catch fish to add variety to rations.
  24. 16 November Discusses plans after demobilisation.
  25. 23 November Promoted Quartermaster.
  26. 1 December Going on Animal Transport Course in Landsdowne. Describes leave in Calcutta. Comments on Wavell as Viceroy. Mentions famine and the photographs published by The Statesman. Encloses programme of Garrison show at theatre. (B.E.S.A.)
  27. 9 December Animal management course in Landsdowne.
  28. 11 December Landsdowne – describes place and the course, working with mules and ponies – learning to ride. Personal.
  29. 17 December Letter to grandfather. Mentions that he is covering same ground as his grandfather covered.
  30. 26 December Describes Christmas.


  1. 10 January Mentions famine and black market.
  2. 16 January Mentions they are totally unaffected by the famine.
  3. 25 February Reveals he is in 14th Army on the Indo-Burma border.
  4. 12 March Implies he has been in action.
  5. 11 April Implies has been in action of a prolonged and heavy nature. Has lost all his personal effects.
  6. 15 April Airgraph: has been promoted Captain.
  7. 17 May Been recommended for the M.C.
  8. 30 May Personal: about deaths on service, his engagement and M.C.
  9. 2 July Describes leave in Calcutta, and incidentally his fighting in Assam round Kohima in which he was involved.
  10. 12 July Still in ‘civilization’, personal; oblique reference to fighting.
  11. 16-28 July Airgraphs: going on leave to Puri. No room in Puri: returned to Calcutta and spending leave in Grand Hotel.
  12. 31 July Describes leave in Calcutta. Reveals he has been in bitter fighting for 3 months. Battalion at Jessami, Kherasom and Kohima. Describes the men in a photograph sent home and tells of the men who have been killed and their bravery.
  13. 14 August Mentions the fighting and casualties at Kohima.
  14. 27 August Speaks of missionaries he has met.
  15. 2 September Been in action again. Mentions ending of war in Europe.
  16. 19 September In action – does not think war will be over so easily against Japanese. Mostly personal.
  17. 26 September Airgraph: mentions demobilisation plans not applying to Indian army.
  18. 22 October Mentions lack of NAAFI in the East, and exploitation of situation by British owned shops.
  19. 23 November Airgraph from Major Marsden assuring D.L.J.’s parents that he was safe but in a very remote place and could not write.
  20. 26 November Oblique description of his actions during silence. Mentions General Slim with admiration. Mentions the memorial stone brought by the Nagas to commemorate the fallen in the 2nd British Division.
  21. 22 December Mentions the advance into Burma and that he is connected with it. Letter from Jewellers attached about new regulations for sending home jewelry.
  22. 25 December Day spent marching. Lushais sang carols on Christmas Eve. Describes the rest of the day. They have chicken sent by Hindu clerk. Most of villages devasted in wake of the battle.