Archive / Papers / Lloyd-Jones (D.E.) Papers – Box 1



  1. 23 July OCTU Bulford, Wilts. Describes camp and initial clothing and training – new army environment.
  2. 9 August Interview for Sudan Colonial Service.
  3. No date Dunbar – further details of life and training of an officer.
  4. September Dunbar. Has put name down for the Indian Army. Describes training. Refused for Sudan Service.
  5. 17 September Dunbar. Officers being weeded out. Further training described.
  6. n.d. Sandhurst – further details. Described passing-out parades.  (envelope date: 30 November)
  7. 2 December Arrangements for leave at Christmas. Japanese attacks mentioned.


  1. 5 January Sandhurst – Taken turn as Cadet Company Commander. Getting on well.
  2. 9 January Great deal of work. Night exercises. Band Night programme enclosed.
  3. 16 January Exercises – bad. weather.
  4. 22 January Discusses pro and con of joining Indian Army.
  5. 27 January Out on very hard exercise. Decides on joining Indian Army.
  6. 4 February Interviewed for Indian Army. Importance of last month at Sandhurst – exams, tests and lectures. 7 February About tests.
  7. 14 February More about military exercises etc.
  8. 10 March Accepted for Indian Army.
  9. 25 March Description of 3 day exercise and assault course.
  10. 29 March Tropical kit. Going on 36 hour exercise.
  11. 6 May London – leaving for India.
  12. 9 May On board prior to sailing.
  13. 16 May Voyage. Details of shipboard life.
  14. June Still at sea. Has been via the Cape. Describes their welcome and conditions in detail. Conditions decide many officers to return after the war to live. Return to ship – further details of life.
  15. 10 July O.T.S. Mhow. Contrast to luxury of boat and hotel in Bombay. Describes living conditions. Studying Urdu. Prices and pay. Feeling contrast with Wales.
  16. 25 July Cram course in Urdu described. Also first impressions of the Indian scene – villages, shops, etc. finance; daily life.
  17. 9 August More about learning Urdu. Social life, finances. Mentions beginning of Gandhi’s Civil Disobedience Movement.
  18. 21 August Urdu exams.
  19. 29 August Sending parcels to England of rationed goods.
  20. 19 September Describes new regiment as far as he can with censorship restrictions.
  21. 31 October Has been on training course and going to another. In an hotel in Calcutta. Veiled allusions to his whereabouts in the future.
  22. 13 November In Poona on a course – recaps leave, courses, etc., hampered through censorship. Been in jungle. Learning to be Company Commander. Describes his orderly.
  23. 13 December Letter to his sister Carys. About sending material etc. from India. Personal.
  24. 27 December Calcutta – Christmas described. Has been in Shillong.