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Assam Regimental Newsletter written from the lst Battalion. The Assam Regiment in Shillong.

  • Christmas 1946 by Lt. Col. Hugh Parsons
  • March 3, 1947 by Captain Peter Steyn
  • May 1947 by Lt. Col. Hugh Parsons
  • Christmas 1947 by D.H. Mappin.

Copy of The Rhino: Silver Jubilee Number of the Assam Regiment’s publication. (1941-1966).

Photograph of Memorial Tablet to Lt. Col. W.F. Brown, D.S.O., O.B.E., Commandant of lst Battalion Assam Regiment, in the parish church at Whittlesey. Unveiled 1950.

13 December 1947 Preliminary letter from D.E.L.J. about Reunions.

Assam Regiment Re-Union Club.

Newsletter No.l, December 1948 (written by D.E.L.J.)

Appendix 1: With the Second Battalion, N.W. Frontier and Ambala 1946-47, by Lewis Collinson. 4pp.

Conditions and attitudes of Pathans towards Assam Regiment in 1946-47; tensions, incidents. Description of terrible plight of refugees seen during journey to Ambala. State of refugee camps. Attitude of the men of the Assam Regiment.

Newsletter No.2, June 1949.

Appendix 2: ‘From a Subaltern’s Diary’ by G. Mackenzie. Short memoir of December 1941 – assembling and training new recruits at Digboi.

In Burma 1947′ by Peter Steyn. Short memoir of the lst Battalion’s anti-dacoit operation in Mandalay.

Newsletter No.3 10 December 1949

Newsletter No.4 1 May 1950

Newsletter No.5 2 December 1950

Appendix 3:

‘Dacoit operations in Burma, 1946’, by Peter Steyn. Anecdotes of the Battalion in Burma.

Newsletter No.6 18 May 1951

Appendix 4:

‘With the 2nd at Ranipet’ by R.E. Jenks. Incident of camp flooding.

Newsletter No.7 December 1951.

Mentions collection of photographs of the Naga Hills compiled by Mr. Kiernan (over 500) which he wished to increase and complete.

Newsletter No.8 17 May 1952

Appendix 5:

‘Incident during Independence arrangements in Sylhet’ by J.S. Collicut.

Newsletter No.9 December 1952.

Contains account of returning to Assam as a tea-planter by Peter Steyn, 1952. Conditions in Bombay, Calcutta and from the tea-garden in Assam. Comments on Nehru, Naga situation and state of Assam.

Also included in a newspaper cutting about Commission of Inquiry appointed in October 1952 to inquire into outbreak of disorder in Kohima.

Appendix 6:

‘Account of Delhi after August 15, 1947 during the fighting’. (Description of the refugee Camp at Humayan’s Tomb controlled by J. Walmesley, (q.v.) Lady Arthur Smith, Mrs. B.K. Nehru and Bishop Mukerjee. Psychological attitudes.

‘Disease’, by Peter Steyn. Written, January 1948.

Appendix 7:

A brief article on the Tribal Areas of Assam: The Autonomous Districts, the N.E. Frontier Agency, and Government Development Projects, by Thenphunga Sailo.