Archive / Papers / Barlow Family: Box 7



7/1: Foreign Correspondence 21 October 1915 to 21 December 1916. Comprising:

  • official letters to Messrs Barlow & Co., Calcutta, Kuala Lumpur, Shanghai and Singapore under the heading ‘Position of Affairs in Consequence of the European War;
  • detailing the growing political, economic and financial strains of the war, question of compulsory conscription, the ‘Irish Troubles’, battles of Gallipoli, Verdun, Jutland, The Somme;
  • effects of labour shortages on trade; letters to A. W. Bates and his replacement F. Blackwell, Barlow & Co., Kuala Lumpur, concerning management of rubber estates, problems in recruitment of assistant managers;
  • letters to E. Brammall and his replacement E. F. A. Swann, Barlow & Co., Singapore, concerning management of rubber plantations, selling of some rubber direct from Singapore rather than London market, good price of rubber in wartime, general condition of trade in import/export of goods;
  • letters to F. Doxey, Barlow & Co., Calcutta, regarding general trading conditions, import/export business, tea plantation agency work including Loongsoong, Dilli, Brae and Chingoor estates;
  • letters to A. D. Bell and C. H. Carée, Barlow & Co., Shanghai, on general trading conditions, instability in China, relations with Japan and Japanese attempts to take over markets from European competitors, trading with the enemy;
  • letters to Messrs Brown & Tough, Visiting Agents, Kuala Lumpur relating to the Inchong rubber estate;
  • letters to John Greig, manager of the Brae group of tea estates, Madulkelle, Ceylon;
  • letters to P. A. Campbell, manager of the Chingoor tea estate, Cacher, India; letters to F. J. Tweedie, manager of the Dilli (Assam) tea estate;
  • letter to B. W. Halifax, manager of the Loongsoong tea estate; letters to Charles J. Renshaw, manager of the Muar River rubber estate.
    [Fragile – handle with care].