Archive / Papers / Barlow Family: Box 12


Papers of Sir John Denman Barlow

12/1/1-5: Business and personal correspondence 1934-1949. Comprising:

  • letters to his brother, Thomas B. Barlow, Thomas Barlow & Bro., Manchester and London, from Ceylon, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore and Shanghai, 7 AUG – 11 OCT 1934; containing reports on his visits to rubber plantations [see index] and related business matters;
  • letters in reply from Thomas B. Barlow, 20 JUL – 2 NOV 1934, including general agency business, rubber estate management, condition of rubber market;
  • correspondence and papers relating to Sir John D. Barlow’s visit to Barlow & Co., Shanghai, with reports and recommendations, OCT 1934;
  • letters from Sir John D. Barlow, to Thomas B. Barlow, during the latter’s trip to India, Ceylon and the Far East, 9 SEP – 1 NOV 1937, including general agency business, condition of rubber market, heavy slump in prices leading to further restriction on output; some family and English estate news;
  • correspondence between Sir John. D. Barlow and F. H. Williams, Barlow & Co., Kuala Lumpur, 3 MAY 1946 – 2 DEC 1949; including the question of re-establishment of piece goods dept., post-war staffing of estates, reconstruction efforts, copies of letters to Eric Gregory Jones, Barlow & Co., Singapore, relating to general post-war economic reconstruction and political developments, arrangements for his Far Eastern visit (1948), onset of the Malayan Emergency, general security issues, murder of F. P. W. Harrison, assistant manager, Somme estate (16 FEB 1949), reports of further raids on estates.

12/2: Business and personal correspondence 1958-1966. Comprising:

  • collection of papers relating to taxation in various countries including the USA, Canada, Ireland and Ceylon, 1958;
  • family correspondence and papers including deed of covenant between Sir John D. Barlow and his mother, Lady Barlow, 23 JAN 1962;
  • correspondence relating to the marriage settlement of his brother in law, Viscount Rochdale, JAN 1963;
  • miscellaneous business correspondence concerning rubber plantations and related matters, miscellaneous party political and parliamentary correspondence including papers relating to the future of the Lancashire Cotton Industry, 1964;
  • correspondence and papers concerning British commercial investments in Malaysia, 1964;
  • itinerary for his 1965 trip to Malaysia;
  • arrangements for a weekend shoot at Bradwall, SEP 1965;
  • itinerary for his trip to Rhodesia, FEB 1966;
  • letter to the Daily Telegraph concerning recent Argentinian actions over the Falkland Islands and his defence of British sovereignty, 14 DEC 1966.