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Papers relating to the careers of Col. A.H.B. Hume, Royal Engineers, in particular about the Survey of India, with some papers also about the Balloon Section of India. Also correspondence about the Indian Defence League.

Papers of Andrew Park Hume, I.C.S., United Provinces and Delhi. Work of the Delhi Improvement Trust; papers relating to the transfer of power, and about the arrangements made for I.C.S. officers during.

Box 1 – Diaries of Col. A.H.B. Hume, 1888-1919

Box 2 – Pamphlets and correspondence relating to the India Defence League and the Indian Empire Society; notes on civil disobedience in Lucknow; notes on staff efficiency; report on the administration of the Hardwar-Union Municipality, 1929.

Box 3 – Assorted maps of India; reports and journal reprints relating to Indian engineering; correspondence relating to Black Mountain tribes.

Box 4 – Printed papers relating to the Ballon Service in India; account of the work of the Survey of India; service record of officers serving in North China, 1900.

Box 5 – Publications: Times of India; The Naresh; Roy’s Weekly; Indian State Railways; Illustrated Weekly of India. 1928-37

Box 6 – Diaries of A.H.B. Hume and A.P. Hume, 1893-1957 (not complete).

Box 7 – Papers relating to the Delhi Improvement Trust; Police and other reports about meetings of pro-independence groups; papers relating to the I.C.S. and I.P.S. associations; regulations of I.C.S. examinations.

Box 8 – Papers relating to the Delhi Improvement Trust; various I.C.S.-related papers. 1924-1947.

Box 9 – Papers relating to the India Defence League; notes and papers about independence and Partition, both before and after the event; personal letters (with commentary on political events); newspaper cuttings. 1928-1947.

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