Archive / Papers / Hume Papers: Box 7


  1. Report on the relief of congestion in Delhi, Simla 1936, by A.P. Hume. 2 vols. Vol. 2 Appendices.
  2. Government of India. Department of Education, Health and Lands. Delhi Improvement Trust. ‘Application to Delhi of the United Provinces Town Improvement Act, 1919, with certain modifications.’ Delhi 1937. Enclosed in front page is a cutting from The Statesman, 18 March 1938 on the Delhi Improvement Trust.
  3. Map of Delhi district with boundary of the jurisdiction of the Delhi Improvement Trust marked. 1933.
  4. Cuttings from the Hindustan Times and The Statesman including one by A.P. Hume on ‘How to build a Delhi without slums’, 27 November 1939.
  5. Sketch map of Delhi area.
  6. TS with MS heading: Friday 19 March 1937 (Chairman’s memorandum to trustees.) Item 2 – Improvement Trust.
  7. Brochure of the opening ceremony by H.E. the Viceroy of the Delhi Improvement Trust, New Fruit and Vegetable Market, on Tuesday 17 February 1942.
  8. Copy of The Statesman, Saturday 18 November 1939, with article on the ‘Rs 22 Lakhs subsidy to rid Delhi of slums’.
  9. Blue print of key plan showing jurisdiction of Delhi Improvement Trust.
  10. Copy of The Spectator: an Indian Review of Insurance, Trade and Industry for March 1937, Volume I, No. 1 with article on Delhi Improvement Trust.
  11. Miscellaneous papers of A.P. Hume, File 1:
  12. Contract of service in the I.C.S. 21 October 1927 for the United Provinces; record of qualifications and service of A.P. Hume, C.I.E.; copy of letter of application to Colonial Development Corporation, 4 May 1948; copy of letter to Lord ? on a report of remarks made in the House of Lords on 16 July 1947 during the consideration of the Indian Independence Bill. Cuttings from The Times about the transfer of power in India, n.d.
  13. Copy of memorandum presumably from Hume dated September 1946 to ? stating the necessity of knowing whether his services are to be retained or not.
  14. Copies of two letters from Hume to S.S.L. Dar, I.C.S., Commissioner Benares Division, 5 February 1947 and 21 February 1947 about abuse in the Press, seditious speeches and representations particularly the Swadeshi Exhibition in the Benares Town Hall.
  15. Abstract of speech by Mohan Lal Gautam at a meeting of the Jallianwala Bagh Day in the Town Hall Benares, 13 April 1946, and also of Chandra Sekhar Asthana; true copy made at the meeting by the shorthand reporter for the Superintentent of Police.
  16. District Magistrate’s remarks on the Police Annual Administration Report for Benares District 1946.
  17. Extract from Mr. Bonarjee’s handing over note, including note on Hume.
  18. Printed express letter from the Chief Secretary to Government U.P. to all officers of I.C.S. etc…. who are eligible to retire under the Premature Retirement Rules.
  19. Letter of protest about remarks in the speech made by the Premier of the United Provinces in the Legislative Assembly 31 July 1946 about the Indian Civil Service.
  20. Printed copy of the Premier’s speech.
  21. H.M.S.O. Cmd. 7116 India Compensation for the Services.
  22. Government of India Home Department Premature Retirement Rules 1937 – amendments. Correspondence between Hume and the Accounts Department in the High Commission.
  23. Letters about Hume’s compensation.
  24. I.C.S. (Retired) Association Annual Report 1949 together with duplicated sheet on registration as U.K. citizens of persons born in India. Miscellaneous papers of the I.C.S. (Retired) Association and Pensions Offices.
  25. Envelope of miscellaneous newspaper cuttings of the results of partition.
  26. Miscellaneous papers, File 2:
  27. Indian Civil Service family pension scheme.
  28. Memorandum submitted to the Indian Statutory Commission by the All-India Association of European Government Servants, 1928. Copy of the Government of India Act, 1919 and its practical effects.
  29. Joint Committee on Indian Constitutional Reform: representation submitted on behalf of the Indian Civil Service Association. Tables of Indian Civil Service family pensions.
  30. U.P. Indian Civil Service Association – proposals on compensation July 1946.
  31. Confidential minutes of a meeting of the combined I.C.S. and I.P. Associations held at New Delhi on 13 April 1946.
  32. Report by Hume as Assistant Manager, Court of Wards Estate, Balrampur, to the C.I.D. Special Branch, Allahabad on the Roorkee Affray, 10 February 1933.
  33. Memorandum representing the views of the All-India Association of European Government Servants on the future position of the Services. n.d.
  34. Newspaper cuttings of Indian Civil Service allocation of candidates. Table of results of the final examination held in August 1927 of I.C.S. probationers.
  35. The Indian Civil Service family pension rules and the Indian Civil Service (non-European members) family pension rules. London, 1926; Miscellaneous papers – Persian vocabularies, extracts etc.
  36. The Damdama Magazine, Vol. I No. 1, January 1929, editor: Mahabir Prasad Parashari.
  37. Caste index and classification of Christians by Sect. Census 22 September 1930
  38. Printed circular from the Secretary to Government U.P. to all heads of departments, Commissioners of Divisions, D.O.s etc. November 1934.
  39. Regulations of examinations of selected candidates for the I.C.S. 1926. Instructions for the final examination of one-year men selected in 1926 for the I.C.S.