Archive / Papers / Hume Papers: Box 4


  1. Miscellaneous printed papers relating to the Balloon Section in India from 1892 to the demolition of the balloon shed at Aldershot in 1963.
  2. Synopsis of lecture on aeronautics by Major B. Baden-Powell. Royal Naval War College, 1910.
  3. Survey of India reunion. Bulletin. 1955.
  4. Survey of India, conditions of service, 1904.
  5. An account of the scientific work of the Survey of India; prepared for the use of the Survey Committee, 1905.
  6. Letters received from soldiers after the publication of a letter by Colonel Hume in the Daily Mail, 18 July 1950, regarding the Balloon Section.
  7. The Rattle Vol. II, No. 2 Shanghai, January 1901.
  8. G.O.C.C. 465 dated 15 June 1903.
  9. War Service of officers serving is North China in 1900 to be recorded for service.
  10. Rules of the Pekin Military Meeting and assault at arms at Pekin, April 1901.