Archive / Papers / Hume Papers: Box 2


  1. Miscellaneous pamphlets published by the India Defence League and the Indian Empire Society.
  2. Hansard of debates in the House of Commons in May and July 1949.
  3. Offprints from various newspapers etc. dealing with the subject of the White Paper on India.
  4. Correspondence relating to the Indian Defence League and the Indian White Paper. Contains correspondence between Col. Hume and the Indian Empire Society and Lord Fermoy; notes of a meeting of the Junior Imperial League Club with the names of office holders and resolutions passed, 29 March 1933; letter from Sir Samuel Hoare regarding the resolutions passed at the meeting; resolution and protests passed against the Government’s India policy at various meetings and from officers serving in India; correspondence with the Archbishop of Canterbury, Captain H.W. Lance, the Church Missionary Society, International Missionary Council, Indian Empire Society, Col. Waterfield, Lord Fermoy, Col. Seymour, Lord Lymington, Captain A.C. Rippon, A.B.M. Churchill, Sir Samuel Hoare, enclosing a printed letter and pamphlet on pensions for officers serving in India; Louis Stuart, Sir Francis Younghusband, H? Lawrence, the Editor of the Morning Post, H.R. Warner, Lord Wolmer; this correspondence covers the period 1931-5 February 1936; there are 89 letters.
  5. MS notes on India made for a talk to the Rotary Club; includes an extract on Constitutional reform by an Indian member of the Bengal Legislative Council Conference, August 1930; an offprint from an article in the Daily Mail l7 April 1933, ‘India and the lesson of Ceylon’; The Indian Review, No. 5, May 1933.
  6. Confidential letter from A.P. Hume to G.K. Darling, Commissioner Lucknow Division, giving the results of his enquiries into the Civil Disobedience movement in his district, 4 May 1932.
  7. Pamphlet entitled ‘Civil appointments in India and Burma’. Gives conditions of service, etc. in Indian civil and political service and Indian Police and Frontier Service in Burma, 1945.
  8. Indian Civil Service Commission. Examination papers for 1915-17, 1922; syllabus of the examination for 1925; syllabus and some examination papers for 1926.
  9. Various other examination papers and papers connected with the Civil Service Commission, 1925-26.
  10. Congress Green Book No. 1 ‘The skeleton at the (jubilee) feast.’ (Being a series of suggestions towards the prevention of famine in India), by Sir W. Wedderburn, Bart., M.P. London 1897. 20 pp.
  11. The annual administration report of the Hardwar-Union Municipality for the year ending 31 March 1929. Lucknow, 1929. 44pp.; and for the year ending 31 March 1930. Meerut. 47pp. (2 copies). Annual administrative report of the Roorkee Municipality for the year ending 31 March 1930, Bareilly. 27 pp.
  12. Tour programme for 17 November – 13 December. MSS. 8 pp.
  13. Details of wages and bills paid from February 1930 – February 1931. MSS.
  14. Notes on ability etc. of members of his staff and officials; results of inspections made of Tahsils and districts.
  15. ‘Notes on Indian history’, by A.B. Hume, C.I.E., I.C.S. MSS. 180 pp. plus 25pp.
  16. ‘A note on Warren Hastings.’ TS. 2pp.
  17. ‘A Himalayan railway.’ TS. 5pp.
  18. Speech made by the Viceroy at the jubilee dinner of the Bengal Chamber of Commerce. TS. 3pp.