Monographs, pamphlets and journals


The Centre’s open access collection of research monographs is arranged geographically, by the country or region of the study, then sub-divided by subject. For a breakdown of geographical regions, please refer to the Country classification guide.

A small section, containing dictionaries, biographical and regional directories, bibliographies, guides to special collections and books on subjects not geographically defined, such as religions, is located at the start of the geographical sequence. A small collection of over-size publications, primarily atlases and richly illustrated books, is found at the end of the regional sequence.

Pamphlets and Occasional paper series

Pamphlets and occasional papers published by university departments and research institutes, which are often unbound, are shelved downstairs in boxes and should be requested from a member of staff. On our library catalogue, they have classmarks prefixed by the letter O.

Rare Books

Rare and older books, books with damaged bindings and many books received as part of archival donations are also shelved downstairs and should be requested from a member of staff. On our library catalogue, they have classmarks prefixed by the word Archive.

Journals and Newspapers

The Library has holdings of approximately 380 periodical titles. The most recently received issues are now shelved beneath the New Resources display board in the Library – in between the Archivist’s and Librarian’s offices.

Back issues of all journals are shelved in our basement store. Please ask a member of staff to fetch any of these you would like to consult.

Approximately 50% of current journals taken are also available electronically, and may be accessed from LibrarySearch.

To ascertain online whether the Library holds a particular journal title, click on the catalogue here and select ‘Basic Search’ and ‘Search by Journal Title’. You will also be able to discover the latest issue received by the Centre’s library.

To ascertain which historic South Asian newspapers are held on microfilm, check this link. The newspaper collection includes titles in Hindi, Urdu, Telegu, Marathi, Punjabi, Bengali, Malayalam and Tamil. A microform scanner is available in the Library and files may be saved to a memory stick or CD.

Electronic journals

You may link to a rapidly growing list of online journals, newspapers and electronic databases by selecting the Electronic resources link on the right of this page. Further e-resources are available via Cambridge University Library.

Official publications received annually

Several official publications received by the Library are published annually. They are catalogued on Newton (see Library Catalogue link), and have classmarks prefixed by the letter G. Please ask a member of staff to fetch these for you. For examples, see the Official Publications link above right.