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  • King Papers
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    (W.G. King and C.W. King) Small Collections Box 14 Given by Mrs. L.S. Williams ‘Diary of the Assistant Superintendent and Subdivisional Officer, Kachin Hills, Kamaing.’ by C.W. King. January-February 1920. […]
  • Kenyon, E.A. Papers
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    Eustace A. Kenyon Given by Lt. Col. W.P. Kenyon 1880. Letters to his sister Mary. Daily activities; in Calcutta; trip to Burma; description of journey, Rangoon etc. 1881. Letters to […]
  • Cornfield Papers
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    Box 1: Born in 1899, Leonard Crosfield studied at Oxford before joining the Oxford and Bucks. Light Infantry for service in Northern France in 1918. After the war he joined […]
  • Appleby Papers
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    William Appleby, a soldier who took part in the Second Burma War. Small Collections Box 2 Typed transcript of two letters sent by Appleby to his brother from Camp Prome, […]
  • Abraham: Box 1
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    (Major General W.E.V. Abraham) Microfilm Box 6 No. 43 Details of a tour made by Major General Abraham in Burma in March 1942 when he accompanied General Alexander to Rangoon […]
  • Interview: L.C. Mehra
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  • Wilson-Pemberton Collection – Film 15
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    B&W. 11:04min. Calcutta (Kolkata), India; Rangoon, Burma (Yangon, Myanmar. 1931-35. Film made by R.M. Wilson and M. Pemberton. Calcutta: street scenes; Victoria Memorial; statue of Lord Hardinge; the Cenotaph; plate […]
  • Studd Collection – Film 14
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    B&W. 15min. Rangoon, Burma (Yangon, Myanmar). c. 1930s. Film made by Sir Eric Studd. Irrawaddy – riverbank scenes. Porters carrying wooden crates. Scenes of passengers on a steam boat crossing […]
  • Studd Collection – Film 8
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    B&W. 15:06min. Rangoon, Burma (Yangon, Myanmar). 1928. Film made by Sir Eric Studd. Rangoon – ship coming into harbour; dock scenes; porters with luggage. Women collecting water at a village […]
  • Studd Collection – Film 6
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    B&W. 14:21min. Ooty (?), Tamil Nadu. India. Date unknown. Film made by Sir Eric Studd. Jungle and river scenes. Hunting party on elephants. Beaters walking through pampas grass. Scenes of […]