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  • Pinhey, L.A.G. Papers: Box 1
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    Papers of Colonel Louis Alexander Gordon Pinhey, I.P.S. Chief Commissioner, Baluchistan, 1929; served in Quetta-Pishin, Ajmer-Merwara and Baluchistan for periods during 1930s; Wazir-I-Azarn, Kalat October 1940. ‘Report on the Quetta […]
  • Killingley Papers: Box 1
    Archive: Papers
    TS account of the Quetta earthquake 31 May 1935 by Captain D.M. Killingley written immediately after the earthquake for the Regimental Magazine of the 15th Lancers. A vivid first hand account […]
  • Guyon Papers
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    Small Collections Box 12 Rajputana 1912 – 1915 Lieutenant Colonel J.M. Guyon. Joined Bengal Sappers and Miners at Roorkee in 1934; served, amongst other places, in Quetta, Baluchistan and Delhi; […]