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  • Showers Family Papers: Box 8
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    Rajputana, Nepal, Baluchistan: 1872-1913 Printed paper: A Century of Famines, being particulars of all the famines that have visited India since the year 1770, and an enquiry into the best means […]
  • Showers Family Papers: Box 5
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    “Resident’s personal file” :- (Major Showers’ personal papers): Takes over July 1906. Telegrams about wife’s enteric; delay; letters about leave etc. Telegrams about quantity of silkworm eggs, and letters about […]
  • Rawding Papers: Box 1
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    Material collected in India by Major F.W. Rawding, 1973, for the Archive with a grant from the Smuts Memorial Trust Fund. MS entitled, ‘A brief account of a visit to […]
  • Cambridge University Expedition to Nepal
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    Col. 8.13 minutes. Film made by the Cambridge University Expedition to Nepal, 1968. Taj Mahal, showing main tomb and gardens. Expedition Land Rover crossing a bridge over the Ganges. Camping […]
  • Hudson, H.B. Papers
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    Twenty-nine Survey of India Maps. (listed by Sheet No. Date Place Scale): 38 0/2 1937 Kohat District and Tribal Territory 1 in.= 1 mile 38 0 1929 Kohat 1 in.= […]
  • Boileau Papers
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    Small collections box 3 Xerox copies of family papers dealing with various members of the family and covering the period 1763-1890. Lt. John Peter Boileau I. 1747 till his return […]