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    Newspaper cuttings: a.& b. ‘The Many Wonders of New Delhi’, article by Mrs. Shoosmith (M.C. Shoosmith) in The Pioneer, Monday, 23 December 1929. (2 copies). ‘Marvels of New Delhi, a […]
  • Shoosmith Papers: Box 2
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    A.G. Shoosmith, O.B.E., A.R.I.B.A, and Mrs. Shoosmith. Lent by Mrs. A.G. Shoosmith India General. 1923-1972 The Nineteenth Century and after February 1938. Article: ‘Present-Day architecture in India’, by A.G. Shoosmith. […]
  • Medd Papers: Box 2
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    ‘An exhibition of Islamic art in India of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries.’ By Basil Green. Typescript, n.d. 3 ff. ‘Lutyens. The work of Sir Edwin Lutyens 1869-1944. Hayward Gallery […]